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JL Stratton
Writer, collector of old typewriters, nostalgic storyteller.
Writer, collector of old typewriters, nostalgic storyteller.

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Have You Met the Purple Prosenator?
I know what you're thinking. What is a purple prosenator and why would anyone want one? Well my friends, the Purple Prosenator is a special vintage typewriter that I created for those times when I must resort to the use of purple prose to enhance the commer...

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Fidget Spinner: Fact or Fallacy
How much would you pay to possess the newest fad? Fidget Spinners can cost as little as a couple dollars (US) to upwards of eighty dollars for one with all the bells and whistles. Although none of these actually have bells or whistles. Some fidget spinners ...

Quirky posts about writing and just about everything else.

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A Writer's Folly
Before dawn. I sit in the darkness, my fingers poised over the keys waiting for inspiration, like lightning, to bring the thoughts forth from the deepest regions of my soul, bringing my fingers to life until words appear on the blank white abyss of screen b...

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Dogs and Cats Living Together
Recently, we took in a cat. I what you're thinking, a cat in the house of Daleville Dan? I mean, he's not known for being friendly with cats, And what about the dog named Muffin who is known in these parts as "The Cat Slayer?" Well, we simply had to take in...

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The Last Haiku
Well the month of September is now (mostly) behind us. This means that my thirty-day haiku-a-day challenge is coming to an end. Does this mean I'm done with haikus forever? Certainly not, but I will limit this display of gross negligence and incompetence in...

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Daily Haiku-Ransom
Uh, I have no explanation for today's haiku. It just came to me.

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Daily Haiku-Coffee
When I was younger, I was not a coffee drinker. I guess one might have called me a "teetotaler" in those days. Although, I think that the title "Tea Drinker" might have been more accurate since the aforementioned is one who never drinks alcohol. While I pre...

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Daily Haiku-Debate
After suffering through the Presidential debate last night I found myself trying desperately to wash the dark stench out of my soul. In fact, recovery has been a long time coming and today, while at work, I still found myself occasionally becoming suddenly ...

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Daily Haiku-The NonHaiku
Today's haiku brought to you by a coworker of mine. A few days ago, I was late in posting my daily haiku. Since there was no haiku to read yet, he created a haiku about there being no haiku. Strange, but if you let your mind slip into the profane and bizarr...
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