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My area (Durham & RTP, North Carolina) seems to have zero Resistance activity. I'm a new agent (HucFinn) that has been farming and slowing building my levels, but I'm doing it all alone. The Enlightened in my area seem have some activity though, so everything here is GREEN with no one to stand against them. All of the low level work I've done recently just gets undone by the higher levels here.

Any Resistance agents in AM02-Lima-06, please let me know that you are still active.

I'm a new Ingress agent, but I've noticed that there isn't much Resistance activity in Durham. Does anyone still play? Does anyone even use this group anymore?

I would like to ask a question for discussion. With so many other Internet groups for gay men out there, how do you feel about leaning this group towards topics that are relevant to witchcraft and pagan spiritualities by excluding posts that don't have any pagan content? Despite the name, I see a whole lot here that is generally celebratory of gay life, but isn't very pagan. Thoughts?

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My own studies

I realize that a long time has passed since I made an entry. This is largely because I have been exercising some discipline against starting more projects before any long-running projects have been completed. Also, I am spending much of my free ti...
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Pretty funny!
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Is there anyone living in Britain that can help me with a plant experiment? You must have the ability to get your hands on fresh, living celandine. Let me know, thanks!

Yesterday I harvested a large bunch of brilliant purple ironweed (Vernonia sp.). There are two auspices under which I could place this herb. The first is Venus because of its affects to improve menstruation and the Skin (governed by Libra). In some texts, the skin is ruled over by Saturn and Capricorn. This herb can heal both the skin and the menses, so I tend to put it in Venus. It also has a rather beautiful bloom, despite its rough, serrated stem. Similarly, roses have a rather dangerous stem, so that feature actually supports my decision.

Also harvested was a big bag of Horse Nettle (Solanum carolinense). This is my area's most common nightshade. It is a rugged and common looking plant that makes farmers grit their teeth. It grows like mad in open fields and waste places. This is a true Saturn herb and will soon feature into my formulation of my witches flying ointment using local plants.

I will try to add photos soon.

Here is an image from the web that looks much like the patch of Vernonia in my area:

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Four Thieves' Vinegar
A recipe for powerful Hoodoo work, this medicinal remedy has four thousand variations. It was allegedly developed during the second wave of the Plague in Europe. I got curious about its origins and so I started looking backwards into the records of the Plagu...
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