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Yep. Here's how to beat up someone smaller than you...
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hahaha! hillarious but educational... you almost kill him XD
Can you make some more of those? I mean, people thinks its easy to beat a smaller guy, but let me tell you something, i'm a big kid and I'm good in the gym, but my coach is an old, little beast of a man, and he always kick my ass in both boxing and grappling. He always runs into me like helicopter and starts swinging, hitting my livers and my head, and when he grapple he's a million times faster than me and he's just crawl around me like a spider and chokes my neck out. I mean, I dont know what to do, the guy has trained in 6 years but fuck, I hate it but he's hard as hell to defeat
Yep please do one more vid on this topic. Smaller opponents are really hard to handle with. Anyway thank You sir for every single vid ;)
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