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and it's no secret that Duval Patrick is a key adviser and long time friend of Obama's and also has Presidential ambitions...He is also a lot slicker than Obama...
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+Peter Combs I know. This is an overreach of authority. Hard to know which doctor is correct but removing the parents from the equation without proof of wrongdoing is / should be illegal. 
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+Finn Krogstad  Arming death squads is hardly news..Obama is doing it right now in Syria, and did do it in Egypt and Libya......and is a minor issue compared to his other screw ups...

As for Iran-Contra, House Majority Speaker  TIP O'Neil (DEM) refused to pursue Reagan on it as he believed the INTENT was for the good of the country,,,and was nothing unusual. I small league stuff other covert -operations done over the previous 3 decades...
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THis is a very bad decision....what many seem to be overlooking is, under the IRS rules, any student in the Football Union getting a Scholarship will be obligated to pay INCOME taxes on the TUITION, Room and Board etc..

While a few of these guys may go onto a PRO CAREER, 95% will not...
In a potentially game-changing moment for college athletics, the Chicago district of the National Labor Relations Board ruled Wednesday that Northwestern football players qualify as employees and can unionize.
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The cost of college was far out pacing inflation, but the equality of education wasn't going up. That money was going into amenities that was used to attract athletes and nothing to do with education. Now that the athletes no longer have to pretend that they're at school to learn, the quality of education may get better for the rest of the students.
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Chinese and Asian Art At Auction For The Week of April 20th to April 27th, 2014
Chinese Antiques This Week and Next On EBAY Thank you for visiting... Closing this Sunday April 20th Starting at 6: PM on EBAY at:   plcombs is a nice selection of Chinese and Asian Art ranging from Yixing TEAPOTs , Carved Jade, Famille Rose Vases, under-gl...
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+Rosalie Dennis LOL...good to hear from you, have a lovely Holiday weekend...
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Rancher Kena Lytle Gloeckner Explains The Bundy Situation For Non Ranchers
Why Clive Bundy Isn't Wrong An open letter from a rancher explains the real issues behind the story. There have been many people criticizing Clive Bundy because he did not pay his grazing fees for 20 years. The public is also probably wondering why so many ...
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I'd be keenly interested in what my  +Senator Marco Rubio had to say about legislation reform to rein in the #blmnevada  and make the cattle industry viable once again in The United States of America. Given that our beef prices are going very high....
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#putin   #snowden   #ukraine  
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+David Strumfels sorry...."we make em as we see em"...
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A tragedy....another fine job by Big Government Massachusetts...
WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — The body of a small boy apparently cast off the side of a highway has been confirmed as a missing 5-year-old, authorities said Saturday. The body found Friday off Interstate 190 has been positively identified as Jeremia...
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So sad and tragic!  :(
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Peter Combs

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The letter included a section of the U.S. Code — 43 U.S.C. Section 1733, Subsection C — stating exactly that point. [Emphasis Stockman's]

“When the Secretary determines that assistance is necessary in enforcing Federal laws and regulations relating to the public lands or their resources he shall offer a contract to appropriate local officials having law enforcement authority within their respective jurisdictions with the view of achieving maximum feasible reliance upon local law enforcement officials in enforcing such laws and regulations.”


He cites a severe violation of U.S. Code -- 43 U.S.C. Section 1733, Subsection C
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Raid at TOUCH FM Pirate Radio Boston and The Bundy Ranch Standoff, Whats Next?
Federal Bureaucrats Breaking The Spirit of our Nation's Laws In just the last seven days we've seen a couple things in the USA that should give (hopefully all ) American citizens pause.. Snipers positioned aimed at the Bundy's First: Last weekend the nation...

#bundyranch   #pirateradio   #blmnevada   #devalpatrick  
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Heard on the local news just now, Las Vegas, that the Bundy's are having a BBQ today for all of their supporters!

Plenty of free parking, 300,000 acres of it! Not sure where the beef came from, lol!
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Dealer in Fine Asian Art and Antiques, before that..other stuff
Buying and selling Asian works of art...from porcelains to bronzes to silks...
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Dealer in Asian Art, Chinese Pocelains, Bronzes, Paintings, Sailor. Politically a true Conservative-Liberal which might sound contradictory but is actually the opposite..
NOTE: First and foremost, if you respond to any of my posts by using vulgarity at other posters or myself or behave insultingly, you will be blocked.  Nasty rude comments are a sign of ignorance and I cannot abide ignorant people. 

If you wish to debate a point, bring facts and information. If you're a knee jerk fact free partisan of any stripe, I'll make you look foolish and un-informed. If I respond to you and you ignore the response but change the subject you are worthless as an intellect. 

Willful ignorance is a sign of mental illness, I'm not interested in talking with you... 

Follow Me; I do post things fairly regularly on our blogs and on the FEED...on Google plus, follow me I might put up something to make you laugh, think or something you might want to share. 

About Me. 

Born and raised here on the North Shore, originally in Marblehead and now in Gloucester. Married with four children. We all love skiing, sailing, having friends over and relaxing.

I believe who you love is your business and no one else's. Do not reply to anything I say unless you have done your homework first, because I have. If you say something funny I will laugh with you, if you say something stupid I will laugh at you. 

As for abortion, I think it is murder plain and simple...if you don;t want kids, keep your clothes on and act like an adult or stock up on birth control. If it fails, deal with it by letting the kid live and go the  adoption route. 

I love comedy and fun action movies and cannot stand seeing movies where children are harmed. I got about 4 minutes into Slumdog Millionaire and shut it off.  I've seen enough dead people in real life, and have seen real people need to add to those memories. 

If you do not like our blog Gaulitics, stop reading it or add a useful comment. Much of it pokes fun and rips into hypocritical organizations and people. This at times includes religions, governments, public figures and folks in public service. 

I do not watch FOX, nor am I a Republican so do not assume it.  Both the Republicans and the Democrats, in my view,  have acted like idiots for decades as a group. 

As far as Obama is concerned he is a failure and unqualified to lead the most powerful nation on earth on every level and is frankly a fraud. Maybe he will change, but I doubt it, hes just not that smart.

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No regrets....home safe and sound. Remember, never write a check with your mouth that your body cannot cash.
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Saudi Arabia may review ban on girls' school sports

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About 1.8 million people enrolled in new individual health plans in December

We've been going for years, from the original place on the beach to the Peabody and Medford store. Never had anything but a good meal. Great LOBSTER ROLLS! The best. The roast beef is always good and well cooked. The kids love the big fish tank too.
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The Best Mercedes guy in the region period. Ed has maintained both our E Wagon and R 350...tip top!.
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These people protested the funeral of the brother of an old friend of mine in Marblehead Massachusetts...he was killed in Afghanistan. The Phelps family et al, are dirt balls, little else. Now they are targets of "Anonymous", their sites are being dismantled hopefully for good. A civilized world doesn't need these bottom of the barrel people. Peter Combs, Gloucester, Massachusetts.
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I've done business with Josh and his family going back over ten years and it's always been a pleasure. They have always been straight forward, knowledgeable and responsive. A few years ago Josh and I worked together in selling a significant collection of Asian items and it went without a hitch and it all did extremely well. I cannot recommend him and Chamberlain Antiques more highly.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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