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Check out the first artist from the Abandonment Issues Series from +anna cox !  Meet Devin Graf!

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Mobile Photographers on G+

This is my main circle of mobile photographers on G+. If you are receiving a notification about this post, you are in the circle. Please feel free to share this with others if you feel so inclined (whether limited or public).

Some of these people are long time photographers and artists, some are just starting out. Some are amateur and some are professionals. Some post strictly mobile content, some a mix of everything. Some post daily, some sporadicly.

What you will get with this circle is variety and to a large extent quality content in your stream. If a mobile photographer yourself, you'll find a great bunch of people to share common interests with.

If you are not in the circle
If  you are not in the circle (meaning you have NOT received a notification of  the post), and you feel you should be in it for future circle shares (I'm careful about circle shares, so they don't come often), then you must do a couple things:

1. Include a link in the comments below to a gallery of your work. This is required. I will not add just anyone.

2. Plus 1 this post. Required.

3. Share this so that other mobile photographers might see this. This is OPTIONAL. I make no one share my posts or circles to get in to them, and in fact think such a requirement is a ridiculous practice.

4. If you wish to mention a mobile photographer other than yourself in the comments, please make sure that you view the circle and make sure they are NOT  already included. It is up to them to share a link to their work with me. This is also of course optional.


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+anna cox shows us some of her aweseome work and invites the community to partake in the discussion of photography discovering the forgotten and abandoned spaces of our world.

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Book Fundraiser: Love

A fundraiser for an amazing photographer and friend fighting cancer
+Alessio Castaldo

Most of us are drawn to social networking sites because of the interaction they provide us, the interpersonal relations with friends near and far, the glimpses into the lives of people we may never meet. But, on occasion, social networking can serve a higher purpose

Many of us were devastated by the news that our dear friend, +Alessio Castaldo was diagnosed with cancer last fall. We have pulled together to help Ale and his family in the only way that makes sense: through our photographs. We have compiled a collection of gorgeous images, the theme of which is simply, "Love," to benefit Ale's family. Love is one of his favorite subjects, and perfectly conveys the origin of this collaboration. It is the photographs that brought us all together, and the Love that has gathered us into a global family

Please see (please click on the banners) for more information on the project, and to be directed to this beautiful book. From now until February 8, 2013, there is a 25% off discount. It is only available through the Juxt site. Thanks to @wearejuxt @blurb_books for this opportunity. #love_fundraiser
#wearejuxt #mobilephotography #photography #fundraiser 

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1000 Words Showcase: 12 of 2012

Its been 6 months since we started the ’1000 Words‘ group on Flickr and WOW! The photography that has been shared with the group has been phenomenal We wanted to say a BIG thanks to everyone who has been part of the group and has contributed and a special thanks to everyone who helped curate the showcases during 2012. BIG Thanks to +anna cox @giuseppe +Alessio Castaldo +Fabs Grassi +Robin Pope +Youngduk Ko @Paula Gardner and @Janine Graf . Also this would not be possible without curators +Joanna Dunford and +Ryan Vaarsi

Melancholy Series By Mel Harrison

Meet Melancholy, the latest muse in the Mahogany Turtle menagerie. She is a sensitive lass, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. Perhaps she is trying to find herself, work out where she belongs in this world so strange. I hope you enjoy her journey.

See all the photos at

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Happy 2013! From our families to yours, blessings and meditations! 2013 - - - LET'S HAVE FUN!


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Macarons, Music, and Giulia

In the end I don’t think it matters how you take the picture but the fact that you do take the picture, noticing those details that a hundred or a thousand people walk right by is the first step. Turning it sideways & thinking how else can I view or perceive the situation fascinates me. Though I think I’m more keenly aware of my need to visualize emotions or interpret them through images now, & am drawn to pictures that have a soul - like someone breathed life into them & left behind only the traces. - @giuliam, Giulia

+anna cox introduces an amazing mobile photographer and artist Giulia to those who do not her already. This is not just an interview it's a conversation between two great artists. Click to read the full article.

#wearejuxt #juxt_feature #mobilephotography #photography 

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Packing Grief: A Photographic Essay

The act of grieving is a whole body endeavor. It affects everything you touch, every move you make. I had been searching for catharsis, a way to work through my pain. As always, creativity brought me to a place where I could idle and experience what was needed. C.S. Lewis said, No one ever told me that grief felt so much like fear. Grief is visceral, tangible. - @annacox, Anna

Anna takes us through Part 2 of her photographic essay about life. It is a beautiful story set to amazing imagery. The Locked Up article leads so well into this next chapter. Its a MUST READ. Click the link in our profile to see the full article. Also join in on the storytelling challenge that Juxt is holding with some really great prizes, but even more importantly some already beautiful visual stories. Check #juxt_photoessay_start for the current stories.

#wearejuxt #juxters #mobilephotography #hipstamatic #photography #juxt_storytellers

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