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Andrea Menzies
Hi there friends!
Hi there friends!
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Updates at Livejournal only.
Updates for FH7publishing are now at Livejouranl only.

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Started Sims freeplay under the name, Andrea Poedaughtr, please add me to neighbors when you can.

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Thanks for the Info on working the game.

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Take a look back at the largest #Ingress Anomaly ever, the #AegisNova Finale in Tokyo, with this Ingress Burst Report.


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Great images.
- - fan art - -



#ingress   #AegisNovaTokyo

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Yep, started Ingress this week.
This is Susanna Moyer with the Ingress Field Art Report. Nice job Agents of the Ukraine! Your portrait art skill never ceases to amaze us.

#Ingress #SITREP #gaming

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So funny.

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Happy Birthday Billy Idol.

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I get a new Eracism T-Shirt.
I get a new Eracism T-Shirt. One of the T-Shirts I lost in the Richmond move that I must
replace on the 1 st is my Eracism T-Shirt. ERACISM Tee on ERACISM: The removal from existence of the belief that one
race is superior to another. WWW.CAFE...
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