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Since the Dark Apostle from the CSM is not good, I'm considering using another Chaos Legions rules instead of the Word Bearers. Maybe Iron Warriors, maybe Black Legion. #Warhammer40k #CSM

Catalyst Labs is booths 903, 1103, and 1207. Privateer Press is booths 513, 609, and 713. Games Workshop/Forge World is 1835. Just sayin'. #gencon2013   #shadowrun5   #warmachine  

Both #Cryx  and 40k #Daemons have lots of spikey bits. I must invest in Band-Aids.

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I've been searching for this for years. These are the original #Warmachine shirts. #cryx  

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This is a good requirement.

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It's out now.

Want. Need.

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I'm running in the Air Force Half Marathon later this year and I'm running with Team Racing 4 Veterans. Please help me reach my fundraising goal of $500 for this great cause.

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"We set out to create a WARMACHINE army where it is entirely reasonable to run six warjacks or more when desired."

Damn, and I was hoping to avoid playing them.

This week's decision: Cryx or Circle?

For Cryx, I'm thinking Helljack-heavy with Wraith Engine and/or Kraken.

For Circle, I'm thinking warbeast-heavy maybe with a Woldwrath.

Next week's decision: same thing as this week. I keep changing my mind. 
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