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Call me stupid but can someone explain to lain to me how a Judge can ban an order from a President trying to van Sanctuary cities when we're not even supposed to have illegal immigrants, hence a sanctuary cities in the first place. I'm a simple man and I don't understand why we only have to allow Mexican immigrants and / or supply a sanctuary uary cities when we have over a billion immigrants who live abroad and would love to live in our country but because these immigrants from far away areas and abroad they are disadvantaged when local immigrants can merely walk across a border.
Maybe I'm ignorant but this does not seem evenly balanced or fair to me. 

One thing that's important to remember as the years roll along with tge President we selected. There will be tests and we will fail. There will be trials that try to war us down. We already have seen the many falsehoods and lies that have been thrown out there to the media and tgey delight in rilinnung with it if it helps their efforts.
We will see many challenges in Donald Trumps reign as POTUS and while there are allot of secrets and hidden facts about him and his career there is one fine and very real detail we know about our decision to support Trump. WE KNOW OURSELVES... WE KNOW OUR HEARTS...... WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT FOR AMERICA AND AMERICANS.... AND WE KNOW WHAT WE DON'T WANT FOR OUR COUNTRY... While we know we cannot have everything we want we are grateful for tge things we are allowed like the freedom we have to believe as we choose and the freedom to deny what we resent.
And if there comes a day that we do not have a great person like Donald Trump who mess to do right by his and our country we have to move forward withe tge same fire in our hearts and the same message in out minds that we continue to strive for what's best for all mankind and we continue to find ways to pull our country BACK UP to the superior standards we once held close to from long ago.
We know the way and we have the knowledge and will.
Let us all try to live together in harmony and peace and acceptance and love as we were intended to do. 

Those of you who haven't voted, remember two outstanding things. . this country is is dire trouble, thus country is in turmoil! This country needs new guidance. This country needs a working plan. . This country need working Leaders. This country is headed in the wrong direction. This country is headed toward a Communist-like Led Government! The main ingredient in a Communist-like Government is Socialism., we already gave the ingredients entered and it's being stirred in so heat you don't recognize it as a major olingredieny into our Community / Government - run country
. This first note bares immediate attention.
. The second thing to note is the present. Government is total y responsible for its 8 years of the tidied policy send changes it passed and attempted. . You're going to hear and of the Obama policies that didn't succeed, and there are many and they are costly, are not the fault if Obama Administration, it's far too easy to blame past Presidents' administration's from 9 years ago and longer. . And the less interested ppl are quick to b d live it. 

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I didn't realize the Gulf is right on that main road? . Won't be there much longer. . One or two more Hutto canes and Insurance Companies won't be able to bail them out. 

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Larry Guillot ·
Delgado Community College
It's not working any more . After they both came out of the gate last week, Hillary was able to cause Trump to stumble but he got right back up, dusted off his $1500.00 suit and ran and never stopped to look back. I think he's finally got the momentum and understands that all that's happened is really just a ploy because the Clinton Campaign knows how dangerously clever Trump is. and How powerful he is. He never was in trouble, actually. The Clinton Camp. just presented as such. The Polls and surveys were skewed as well as the media, and Actors Guild, and Demos. and Repubs. who don't want him in. But HE'S GOING IN! and it won't be nothing nice when he makes his mark on America and the world. The sense of normalcy that's been long awaited. I don't know how long it will last b4 Dems, regain their err of ways and they will get another turn at bat but for now, it's Conservative Power

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Don't be swayed or discouraged or tripped up by polls and media that might be manipulated by Democratic Hillary and her money boat

Hillary isn't taking no chances with this man. She's trying to bury him b4 they exit the gate.. BUT TRUMP HASN'T PLAYED HIS TRUMP CARD YET . Remember howxzhillary said he's a chauvinist, Latino, and Muslim hater., never forget what Donald continues to repeat. She's been there 32 years. So what, she takes pride in failure year after year to aid Latinos or does she just want to shut down countries like Syria, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala so Grandma can't watch them closer after she's got their forced votes? Never underestimate The Trump Card

Russia has been accused of and responsible for having thee a hackers in their country and it gives the impression that Put in is in Trumps back pocket.

I will just say this one thing to Hillary in regards to this hacking controversy. If youre running a clean campaign and you're not doing anything illegal, unrighteous, wrong, unlawful.. What reason would you have for ANYONE knowing about your strategy.! Why, because you don't want the counter to be prepared with a response.! You don't want them to know what tricks you've got you your sleeve

Finally, .... Hillary and any other incumbent SHOULD have the upper hand if they're in office. They get classified, private, top secret information, they have the media at their finger tips and at their beckoning call! So, YES, Hillary Clinton should have appeared much much more polished than she..... But she wasn't she was more likened to Polished Brass! 
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