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The best Metronome App on Android.
The best Metronome App on Android.

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A new LocalCast beta will be released tomorrow with a couple of new features, a lot of improvements and fixes.
Be prepared and join the beta today!
Please reshare!

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Do you own a ChromeCast ?
If yes: check out my app LocalCast!

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Beat 2.0 will be out in a couple of days. New features:
- SkyDrive and Box added
- Covers in the cloud will be displayed
- Streaming improved (better buffering, next song is pre-cached...)
- Cloud songs/folders can be added to playlists
- A Play now button on each folder
- A new icon
- Lots of bug fixes
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beat has 50,000+ downloads, 1,000+ ratings and 400+ comments.
The first second I saw this I thought an error occurred :-)
(can you guess why?)
Anyway thanks for all your support.

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beat is featured in music apps!

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Rally driver admits he has no idea what co-driver is talking about

"‘Oh, come on,’ he said. ‘I mean, ’50 5-left and stop 2-right half minus braking into K-right 90 maybe and absolute crest 500′.  What the hell am I supposed to make of that when I’m flat out over a jump sideways at 90mph?’"

H/T +Simon Flack 

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And I get born into an era of Bieber and 1D. Ffs
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40.000+ downloads :-)
Plesse don't forget to rate the app!

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Holy ... Look at the cymbal.

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