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Welcome to my walk.  As I grew up I realized from home-schooling to public school life changes fast; honestly, more like fast and the furious. Life as a homeschooler taught me to be kind, and loving, how to overcome obstacles,  and not to give up even if things get very hard. On the downside-at my first high-school, I learned that life was like a drive through. It was fast paced if you didn’t know what you were doing. You had to find someone who did and use their work just to get by. Nevertheless, that’s the mentality I picked up. I knew from my background it was not the right way—but then it got me by; and that is all I was looking for…or so I thought.
 In college, I had to relearn how to study, how to write correctly, learn to be myself again,  and most of all how to be diligent in my spiritual walk and everyday life; not to settle in being mediocre was a HUGE challenge for me. Challenges seemed to come up a lot at the university I chose to attend at one time; I was faced with the partying scene. Everyone went, why couldn’t I? So I did. I was faced with many trials.  More obstacles came, and many times I chose other paths just because I was so indecisive, and I didn’t think I was smart enough to achieve others. Nonetheless, I found out that some of us may never understand what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Learning to trust in the Lord, and lean on him could just teach us the path He has in mind. Over time, 4 colleges later, and having to decide again on my next steps, and still not being 100% sure of what I want to do is why I thought of creating a blog to note of my progress and successes. 
Deciding on what I'd write about, just  came to mind, maybe I could help others see that even if one doesn’t know what they want to achieve, and do in life—put your past failures behind you, there is hope. In my small group, “LIFE”, in Chapter 11: “Come to the Lord with a prayer: “Your kingdom come, your will be done.” “That means don’t come to The Lord with your agenda. Instead, approach him with this mentality: “Lord, you are my Shepherd, I shall not want. What I want is what you want. Come to Him with a neutral heart. If you are leaning strongly one way or the other, God’s voice might be difficult to discern.” Seek Him first and be willing to listen to His quiet voice of guidance.
Blessed to bless.
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Hannah Neel

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My Greatest Inspirations for A Happy Ever After!
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Jesus is My Author. I am a lover of life, friend, daughter, sister; lover of fashion; creator & consumer of delicious food.
Bragging rights
Daughter of the God Most High, My Parents are my Inspiration, Sister of a Starving Artist, Friend of Inspiring Creatives, Lover of Food, Alabama Football, Desperate for GREAT Thrift Store Finds!
Basic Information
Strong work ethics and team work; Computer skills- Excel, Microsoft; culinary skills, social and interpersonal skills, excellent childcare credentials, sewing and creative arts skills.
  • Child Care
    Nanny, 2004 - present
    Baby sitter, cook, cleaning house, incorporate cooking with children, staying weekends while parents are away, going on outings to the park, grocery store, and going on expeditions.
  • Embassy Suites Hotels
    Front Desk Clerk, 2011 - 2011
    Creating guest baskets, showcasing guest rooms, checking in guests, front desk responsibilities, giving directions to local landmarks/interests.
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