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shafeek palakkal
each n evry life has its own value
each n evry life has its own value

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Distance Never Breaks A
Closeness Never Builds A
Relation. If Feelings Are
True & Honest, Relations Are
Always Long Lasting.

1. If a person laughs too
much, even at stupid things,
he is
lonely deep inside..
2. If a person sleeps a lot, he is sad..
3. If a person speaks less,
but speaks fast, he keeps
4. If someone can't cry, he is
weak.. 5. If someone eats in an
abnormal manner, he is
6. If someone cries on little
things, he is innocent &
soft- hearted.. 7. If someone becomes angry
over silly or petty (small)
it means he needs love...
Try to understand people

· Smoking effects LIPS
Drinking effects LIVER
. Love effects HEART
. The most danger 1 is STUDY .
It effects the BRAIN,
Direct komma Avoid it & Enjoy Life !!
H a P y sunday

There’s nothing like love…
it’s all about mutual
understanding between
two people… feeling
comfortable with each
other and feel happy together… love is a give
and take relationship…
sharing your heart and
your life together!!!

A true relationship is a
mosaic of adjustments,
compromises, sacrifices,
maturity, understanding,
commitment, patience,
tolerance and unconditional love. It is painted with
tears, laughter, smiles and
sprinkled with beautiful
moments spent together. It
is not all about happiness
but also holding each other’s hands when
sadness creeps in. It is all
about two people who are
madly in love with each
other and have a strong
determination to make their relationship work by
enduring each other’s
imperfections, overlooking
flaws and cherishing the

When a woman is angry
with you for telling lies
then the easiest way to
calm her down is to hold
her hands firmly , look
straight into and eyes and talk to her. Just be
honest and tell her the
complete truth. And when
you are done talking just
hug her tightly...
Gud aftr nun

When you hurt by the
who is very close to You,
Do fight with him/her.
Because sometimes fight
saves relation... but...
being silent just increases
H a P y V i S h U

EnTe eLLaa ko0TTukarKum
hridHaYam niRaNja viShU

Love defined by A 5 year old Girl -"Love is when
he takes my chocolates and
comes back with its wrapper A 10 year old Girl -"Love is
when we work for a project and
he intentionally touch my hand
trying to get a pen !" A 15 year old Girl -" Love is
when we get caught bunking
and he takes the blame " An 18 year ...old Girl -" Love is
when at farewell he hugs me
saying ' keep in touch' !" A 21 year old Girl -" Love is
when he runs from college with
me just for a week long trip
together !!" A 26 year old -"Love is when he
proposes me with a rose and
makes a fool of himself, and
says 'U know i love You' " A 35 year old woman -"love is
when he cleans the house seeing
me tired" A 50 year old woman -" love is
when he is ill and still cracks a
joke just me laugh ! A 60 year old woman -'love is
when he is taking his last
breath and saying, ' I
am glad as you know what love
is,,'and leaves me with a tear
m r n g

This is Nice...... READ IT... FEEL IT... A Construction Supervisor
from 16th Floor of a Building
was calling a Worker on
Ground Floor. Because of noise
the Worker
did not hear his Call. To draw Attention,
the Supervisor threw a 10
Rupee Note
in Front of Worker. He picked up the Note, put
it in His Pocket &
Continued to Work. Again to Draw Attention the
Supervisor threw 500 Rupee
Note & the Worker did the
same, Now the Supervisor picked a
small Stone & threw on the
Worker. The Stone hit the Worker. This time the Worker looked
Up &
the Supervisor Communicated
with Him.
. This Story is same as to our
'LIFE'... God from Up,
wants to Communicate with
but We are Busy doing our
Worldly Jobs. Then, he give Us Small Gifts
& Big Gifts......
We just keep them without
looking from Where We Got
We are the Same. Just keeping the gifts
without Thanking him,
We just say
We are LUCKY. And when we are Hit with a
Small Stone, which We call
then only We look Up &
Communicate with him.
Thts y it is said. ..... He gives, gives n forgives
We get, get n forget....... A MUST SHARE, IF YOU LIKE
h@pý $úñð@ý
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