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What Do You Want Next From G+?
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I'd love to see an write API so third-party apps can upload photos and messages to Google+.
What do I want next? How about dates for the 2013 #GplusPC?
I want the ability to schedule posts, please!
Hangout won't load for me. Are they live already?
How about ability to post photos from existing albums through mobile app/site?
Interesting. I'm watching from YouTube instead of from here. All the others I've seen have been streamed live from G+. No matter. At least I can see.
Ken Z
#1 on my list -- an iPad app --- please please please!!
It needs to be on iPad as a full resolution app, too.
Please feel free to post questions and comments here and I will pass them along to +Mike Wiacek
Map of the world that shows places where my and others photos are taken.
+Pete Collins Question: As somebody uploading a few pictures every day it would be nice to really have a better way to access older posts. Any plans on better organizational tools in the future?
Is it at capacity? I have not been able to get in yet.
Is there still any hope for release of the migration tool? (early adopters had to sign up with account, but we still want to move our G+ content over to Apps for Domains without losing all of the people that have circled us)
I am totally with the others on here, #1 on my list an iPad App
Guys I teach photo workshops in my home city. How can I use G+ to communicate with my students? I currently use Facebook private groups for them to share images and ask questions without it being public. But not all are on Facebook and I can't see how to do the same or similar thing here. Any ideas or a request maybe?
Won't load in G+ but it is live in YouTube....
Map that shows what city/country a +1 comes from.
+Darlene Hildebrandt you may be better off setting up a Google Group and/or using a specific circle for your students on G+. You can also set up a private album in Picasa for your students to submit their images to
A calendar is nice, but being able to schedule posts (perhaps repeated at intervals) would be a useful solution to notify people about upcoming events.
Integration of G+ with the other Google tools: calendar, Docs. This is key
Use "Do Share" as Chrome extension.
Exactly, quirks. We need it built into G+ itself.
some users dont use chrome and most dont use extensions. it needs to be built on g+ or most people wont use it
+Ken Shelton I am not familiar with google groups I'll check into that. I've never used picasa either. Thing is people don't want to join yet another thing which is why I don't use Flickr. 
How long does it take to grow a stache like Brian's?
: )
I want to be able to expand this main status area so it's not so narrow.
I like the black bars... learned to work with them.... :)
there is no send feedback button on mobile site! :(
no send feedback button on mobile or tablet site.
+Darlene Hildebrandt if they already have a gmail/google account, they already have access to both without having to sign up for another service
I'd like to be able to have more people in a hang out like 50-100 people. 
pages need ability to setup marketplaces and sell items or services ... this could all be done with apis or built into google wallet
Don't know if it's been mentioned, but being able to see more than 10 notifications from the notification box.
It would be cool to be able to add images in comments.
You guys need an audience mic.
Will there be metrics to show post impressions, referring domains, geographic location, etc provided in the future?

some sort of analytics would be extremely useful
An app to clean out inactive people in our circles. 
Another vote for metrics & analytics. Not just for my content, but I'd like to see how many folks are participating with a hashtag group.
please make mobile site more usable including 1) feedback button 2) pages 3) hangouts with video 4) better app
I'd love to know what search terms/queries people used to find my content on Google+. My photos, my words, etc.
Future plans go more involved in a Hangout? Like a pay for more approach??
Future plans go more involved in a Hangout? Like a pay for more approach??
I'd also like to see a better way to drive people to Pages. I mean right now there doesn't seem to be a good way to do that. I can't tag people in photos I might add to get them aware of it, and spamming this account over and over saying "go check out my page" doesn't seem worth it, so I haven't been using mine.
Yes, that's a good point. I want to use Google+ to drive traffic back to my blog. If someone clicks on my photo, I'd rather it went to my site.
I'm still not 100% sure why I need to have a google page also. How is everyone else using both?
Will there be an opportunity for the photo community to give input to feature priority via a survey?
there is no "send feedback" on mobile site. :(
Adam T
Noooo...don't let people put rich content in posts! No!
That is one of the things I loathe about Flickr. No blinky images, etc in comments. I agree with +Alan Shapiro. Maybe the user can have the option to turn off.
Sean S
Yes to images in comments only if they are hidden by default with a show/hide image button.
but i like blinking cat gifs! its bc i am azn
I'm not a fan of animated GIFs, but I get that some people like them. I usually mute those posts. If it happened in comments, I'd want a way to turn it off.
what is a g+ extension I thought there is no apis
Question: Can we have a way to associate articles with out profile - such as tutorials, editorial, etc. Something that last longer than a post?
Sean S
Will we eventually be able to add annotations to photos? -- Draw a box around something in a photo and add a note.
Customer education really should be a parallel effort to feature development.
Free Google Glasses for everyone! ;)
And you get glasses. And you get glasses.
Adam T
Man, these look great. Price point is gonna be pretty key in it's adoption, I think.
how does the internet work does it bluetooth to your phone?
How do you operate the shutter release? Wiggle your nose? Blink twice?
i cant hear him talk over the cameras clicking lol
How could I use Glass? I could easily record cops/security next time they hassle me for taking pictures in a public place. Be nice to upload it automatically to YouTube.
That was a nice surprise. Thanks for sharing the photo Glass experience in detail :)
I am really excited about the potential of Glass Project. I can't wait to see what's next.
I appreciate the time you guys spend talking to people in the real world, but every suggestion that was made during this session seemed to be met with reassurance that you're already taking it into consideration. If you want people to keep giving feedback, you need to react to that feedback as if it were valuable (not just by telling them it has value). Maybe start a dialog to flesh out some ideas with your users (even if you've already fleshed them out internally).

It might not hurt to actually loosen your lips every now and then and talk about what's coming in the pipeline. I mean, come on, we know you're working on the iPad app. Dancing around it just makes you seem like aloof corporate types.

Still, I think G+ is great. Keep up the good work (and get me some Google Calendar integration)!
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