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Google+ Photographer's Conference
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Last week we had a great time at the Google+ Photographer's Conference. As an event partner and sponsor we had a chance to meet a lot of great photographers in attendance. The conference had a gre...
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me to
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WOW! What an AMAZING 3 days! From the Photo Walks to the conference itself, #GplusPC really did have something for everyone. And by the looks of the feedback we're already getting, the feeling is mutual. Thank you to everyone who attended, all the amazing instructors and the entire +Google+ team.
We will be posting more pictures tomorrow and we hope you will share yours and your favorite parts.
I have personally enjoyed interacting online with everyone. I've learned a lot myself and I hope to see you on our +NAPP page and feel free to circle me +Nancy Masse as well. =)
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#GplusPC is almost over. What was your favorite part?
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mariam khan
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Remember the picture +Sergey Brin showed during the panel discussion, where he took a picture of everyone taking a picture of him with the camera from +Project Glass ? Here's another view courtesy of +Brad Moore
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Nice! The +The Huffington Post did a write up about #GplusPC and +Project Glass featuring the photos that our own +Brad Moore took, with quotes from +Brian Matiash from +onOne Software and author/+NAPP help desk goddess, +Nicole S. Young
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I must say, the picture have a nice color, is this the real color fresh from the camera? or processed before uploaded? I dont really care about how the technology work, as long as it help me capture nice moment with real life color with out to many preprocessed job after the shoot (photoshoped), it will fit on me. If you have plan to make photographer conference in Jakarta-Indonesia i hope you can invite me
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Google+ Photographer's Conference hung out with 9 people. #hangoutsonairFrederick Van Johnson, Loren Groves, Daniel Ibanez, Dave Veffer, Rob Sylvan, Jeff Revell, Moose Peterson, Tamara Pruessner, and Google+ Photographer's Conference
An Evening With Trey Ratcliff & Closing Presentation
Google+ Photographer's Conference and 9 others participated
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+Darlene Hildebrandt Happy to be helpful! Perhaps our paths will cross at a future event. :)
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Attention Attendees and Home Viewing Audience:
The #GplusPC Panel Discussion, An Evening With Trey Ratcliff & Closing Presentation with +Trey Ratcliff and the rest of the #GplusPC team begins at 8:00pm PT (11:00pm ET) in the Novellus Theater and will be streamed LIVE.

When the feed goes live it will appear the the top of the +Google+ Photographer's Conference page. The feed goes live as close to the noted start time above. Please leave your comments and questions for the panel in the video feed's comment section for our moderator to relay. This panel will be rebroadcast at a later date.
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So wait, the Conference is in San Francisco but I cant watch the Video in Tennessee because it blocked in my country?
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Here's a replay of one of yesterday's #GplusPC panel discussions.
Google+ Photos Tips & Tricks

Yesterday evening +Brian Rose, +Vincent Mo, +Aubrey Gates and I did a panel at the +Google+ Photographer's Conference where we shared some of our stories, favorite tips and tricks for Google+ photos, and answered questions that we got here on Google+ and from the audience.

So if you want to pick up a few useful tips and hear a few fun stories make sure to watch the video of the session!

fast forward to about the 2:00 mark to get to the start of the session
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not working :(
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Great view of the #GplusPC venue & audience
Hanging out at the +Google+ Photographer's Conference, watching +Sergey Brin talk about Google Glass #gpluspc
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Nice shot.
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The #GplusPC Panel Discussion, Growing Your Audience on G+ with +Colby Brown and +Trey Ratcliff begins at 5:30pm PT (8:30pm ET) in the Novellus Theater

Please leave any questions or comments you have during this presentation here in the comments section and we will relay them to the panel.
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was this one recorded? I missed it as I went to the location shoot
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Sweet! If you want to know more about Google Glass, please add +Project Glass to your circle.
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No me interesa estas cosas 
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Contact info
800.201.7323 M-F 8:30am-7:00pm EST
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 701 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103
Harness the power of Google+ to grow your skills, business, brand and network.

May 22 - 23, 2012 - Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Ca.

Created by Photographers Using G+ for Photographers Using G+.

Scott Kelby is bringing Google+ photographers together for a history making conference.

For the first time ever, 15 of the biggest photographers, instructors, and social media magnates on Google+ host two jam-packed days of photo walks, live shoots, portfolio reviews, panel discussions and teaching workshops - All designed to help photographers refine their photography skills, grow their online brand, and get the most out of Google+.

All registered attendees get a free copy of "What the Plus!" by Guy Kawasaki