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Depression – the curse that cannot be lifted
– the curse that cannot be lifted (Depression
and I part two) Its
Friday afternoon. In the first third of November. I'm
sat in my flat with the glazing glare of the laptop screen, Wi-Fi on.
Had the latest of lunches. And I feel like I am the last...

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Trumpled Underfoot
Underfoot So
I go to bed after watching one of my fave gamer You Tubers. Psychotropics
kicking in. Left my DAB on. Lapsing
in and out of deep and light sleep with getting up for a pee at WTAF
o'clock. Oblivious
to what the literally satanic 2016 h...

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RANT: School reunions are bullshit
School reunions are bullshit I
am done, so fucking done. I
am done with people being fake. I
am done with people who treat you either as you do not exist or an
afterthought. The
Simpson's did an episode where Homer and Marge went back and saw the

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Bullying: - the hypocrisy of the education system
the hypocrisy of the education system I
am calling out the U.K.'s flawed, archaic and biased education
system. I
am calling out those in power and those running schools as hypocrites
and charlatans. I
am calling them out because after what I sadly...

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Homeless 2016 - the sky over their head
2016 - the sky over their head Are
you sitting uncomfortably? Then
I'll begin. It's
hard to imagine in this god awful year where the screaming
rectangular squawk box of brainwash touts celebrities are dropping
like flies off a bakers blue ring of d...

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Excuse my potty mouth. Excuse the shaky Cam. Phone camera is a Nokia Lumia 625.

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Britain has failed
has failed Yesterday.
A member of the British parliament was killed in cold blood doing
what her job spec entails. Today.
A husband wakes up without a wife. Children so small that they have
no concept of the enormity of the situation are asking wher...

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Father Injusticed (redux)
Injusticed (redux) After
F4J had gatecrashed the loose Women program. (I call it MOOSE women
because you have 40 something pre menopausal C-list celebs who
pontificate on men and their “failures”) It stirred me to write
this piece. I
originally wrote...

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I don't like Wednesdays (an EU Ref ode)
don't like Wednesdays Silly
cunt twats at an impasse on the Thames Severe
mong overload Sir
Bob trying to resurrect his dead career Should
have stayed at the old folks home Nigel,
we can't understand it You
used to trade in Gold Staying
in? too many reaso...
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