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Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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Saw Wonder Woman on Saturday. It's not enough to say that it is the best movie I've seen in a long while. It's the best superhero movie since Donner's Superman. And it draws from the same well of Hope and optimism. It's a shame we can't see Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman on screen together with Christopher Reeve's Superman.

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"Keep calm" stopped being an option about a week ago.

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Let's Talk about this Election
This might be a long one. I was going to break it up into
separate posts, but as I thought more about it I realized that the separate
ideas aren’t really all that separate. They’re too intertwined to break up and
really make strong points. I’ve been seeing ...

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A well-deserved honor for one of the most influential games of the past 40 years.
Finalists that did not make the cut include Care Bears, Clue, Uno, coloring books, Rock ‘Em Sock’Em Robots, Transformers, Nerf foam balls, and pinball.

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Creative Effort
I'm a huge fan of creative effort, but I'm not a big fan of wasted creative effort. And you might not think that there could be such a thing, but there is. Real talk time. I'm not a fan of fanfiction. There are a handful of reasons, but the most important f...

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There's only one Transformers movie for me. This movie has been not only my favorite animated movie but also one of my favorite movies, full stop, ever since the first time I saw it almost 30 years ago. It was a dark, serious movie with a rocking 80's glam metal soundtrack that let you forget the television show was just a vehicle for selling toys to kids.
Even though I bought it on VHS many years ago and again on DVD for the 20th anniversary I'm definitely going to get the blu-ray version as soon as it comes out because it's so good and every time I watch it it's just like seeing it for the first time all over again.
Til all are one.

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A few things have been bugging me about these anti-government movements. Obviously the danger they represent as they encourage violence and terrorism against fellow United States citizens is troubling. And the fact that it is nearly impossible to separate anti-government groups from racist, sexist, transphobic, anti-LGBTQ+, and other hate groups because they are so closely intertwined is troubling as well. I might as well add in the association with sadly misled conspiracy theorist groups, which also overlap strongly with hate groups and anti-government movements.

Really, that anyone could support groups like these in the modern world is troubling and dismaying. The part that's just as troubling is the ignorance that is required to actually believe these anti-government groups' ideologies. Take these "constitutional sheriffs" as an example: A large part of their ideology rests on the claim that federal law enforcement is illegitimate according to their view of the United States Constitution, and that the same document establishes that county sheriffs are the highest legitimate law enforcement authority in the land. And when I hear (or read) these folks making that claim I immediately doubt that they've ever actually read the US Constitution. Putting aside that the Constitution literally never once mentions sheriffs, elected or otherwise, it's like these people completely skipped Articles I, II, and III and how they legitimize federal power and authority.

The really telling bit is the one sheriff who "only supported the original Constitution, without amendments" because gun rights are so important to him. Only, the original Constitution without any amendments had zero protections for gun rights (or many others, for that matter). Without the first ten amendments - the Bill of Rights - many protections for citizens disappear completely. This one sheriff is the perfect representative for the anti-government movement as a whole: They don't even know the fundamental basics of what they're arguing for, but they're prepared to instigate treason and commit violence in support of their completely unfounded views anyway.

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I'm really happy to see Sarah Michelle Gellar promoting vaccines and doing the hard work against ignorance. It's cool that she doesn't just play a hero on TV; she's also helping save lives in the real world.
Just think of vaccines as an injection of tiny Slayers systematically destroying disease-causing invaders in your body.

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At some point we have to look at how often "states rights" comes to the defense of racism and realize the relationship between the two is more than just a correlation.
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