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Finished The Puzzlebox, and sent it off to school with my daughter as a present for her teacher in thanks for the year. It came out amazing, and can't wait to make another for the house. Used Oak for most of box, with Walnut for the splines, and the removeable piece from the top(which also had a piece of purpleheart). Ebony for the pegs, and Katalox for the edging on the sliding pieces on top. All in all alot of fun to make. Except for the White oak, it was all bits and pieces I had in shop already. 
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I usually don't share projects before they are done. But this is coming out spectacular. About 50% done so far. For those who don't know what it is' see this video.

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Daughter wanted a place to do Lego projects, after poring over countless pics online, we settled on this design. Came out really nice, and she loves it. Daddy/Daughter projects are the best
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So for sometime now, i've been moving campaign data between various pieces of software, from mind mapping software, to excel. Looking for something easy to use and share with everyone else around the table. Last month I decided to give Microsoft OneNote a shot, as I heard some good reviews on it. I would just like to say WOW. It is one of the best organizational software pieces for gaming I have ever seen. The only thing it seems to lack is the ability to perform calculations, however with embedded Excel directly into the sheet, that is not a worry.

First off, it's 100% free. Second it works on windows, mac, ios, android, and even the web. third you can set it up so all players have access to it, and changes are made on the fly. If one player is typing information in one place, I can see the information changing on my screen as they type it.

It also sets up Auto-annotation. Copy something from the web, well there is a link at the bottom automatically to the page you snagged it from.

As a DM you can add all monster notes, so you don't need to page through books, or search the web for them during game. just click on the Tab you set up at top(call it monster) and then on the monster on page list to the right. Copy paste directly form the web into your one-note. and if you don't know what an ability does? if there is a hyperlink from the web, it'll work within onenote. There is seriously a TON of stuff you can do with this.

As a player, I find it useful to put all the information from unique magic items found in the player access onenote, as well as have a page for questions for my DM. He always seems to forget them before the next game session. We also handle loot here, if you want something, you just take it off the list yourself. We list all places, with links to maps, and people we come across with notes if needed as a resource

Lastly, there are those rules that nobody seems to remember all of(I'm looking at you Advanced Naval Battle(pathfinder) or Grapple(3.5/pathfinder) as well as campaign specific rules(ex: infamy and disrepute). So we just make them easily available to everyone during the game, no searching around. BAM there they are. and if you want to highlight something go ahead. Myself, i'll use the highlighter function, and write notes with my pen directly over sections.

One last note: we are a high technology table. 3 Surface Tablets, 1 small laptop, and 1 big tablet. If you are a 0 tech at the table group, the usefulness will be all offline, but still good.


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So after the Obstacle field from hell I tried my first Rey build. I was told to use Finn, however I went another direction

Falcon Rey
Kanan Jarrus
Kyle Katarn
Falcon Title (Segnor Version)
Engine Upgrade

Which Gives you those nice Sengor's that end up with no stress on your ship, a free Focus, and a followup boost if need be.

After they stripped my Shields, I got 1 Crit, That being Loose Stabalizer - My opponent thought it was funny that I was getting the shait stressed out of me y it, until I pointed out that with Kanan and Kyle, it effectively makes it so Every White maneuver gives me a free focus instead. and the stress goes away. I lost the ability to use the Sengor silliness as I would net a Stress token with it, however the equivalent of free PTL every single white maneuver, was worth it.

Black One, BB8 , Primed Thrusters, PTL, Authothrusters was my other ship.


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So friends came over, and I had an idea to torture them. I set up the field AFTER they had chosen their ships.

Thats all 6 Rocks, 4 Prox Mines, 2 Conner Nets, and a Cluster bomb thown in for fun.

2 Bro Bots on one side, and the other side has Kath Scarlet in the slave 1 flanked by 2 m3 interceptors


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Tongue drum, now with audio. BTW. Audio from video does not do it justice. Not sure why, but sounds a lot better in person.

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After seeing Troy D's Tongue drum, I decided to give it a go myself.  And made one for my daughters VPK teacher. It came out great. sounds very nice.
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So My group is just about to finish Rise of the Runelords(An epic 3 year journey) and we will soon be switching over to Skull & shackles. 

To get in the mood, I'd like to read a piratey book or two.  I have 6ish weeks to consume as much Swashbuckling as I can, What I'd like are some ideas for good books to read.  I'm an avid reader, and read 1-2 books a week if i get into a series.

So hit me with some names.

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Finished a project for my wife, she wanted a box for her shoes.  All oak construction. design was to complement the coat rack I made her last year.
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