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Happy International Women's Day to all the women around the world! #internationalwomensday   #womenpower   #womenempowerment  
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Thank you #Vistara for this sweet surprise. We devoured it like crazy!
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Must read folks!
Great customer service doesn’t mean saying “yes” to every request. It’s a little something more. It’s the personality you put into the experience.
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Thank you for sharing. Appreciate your comment!
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+Portea Medical Healthcare champs! Welcome to the world of Customer Delight. 
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6 Tips for Becoming a Real Customer Service Expert

When it comes to providing outstanding customer service, it’s the people who make all the difference. This article offers 6 actionable tips for becoming a real customer service expert – following them will help you and your team deliver exceptional service to your customers: #custservtips
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Is Net Promoter Score the ultimate metric to achieve customer centricity? Find out:
#NPS   #WordofMouth   #customer  
Although the Net Promoter Score is known for its simplicity in understanding the customer's perspective, is it the ultimate metric for companies to track?
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Lessons you can learn from Tobacco Companies about Marketing, Customer Experience and Sales:
#worldnotobaccoday   #custexp   #marketing   #tobacco  
On the eve of World No Tobacco Day, we take a closer look at how the tobacco industry has thrived by fighting against the odds for its survival.
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Customer experience is all the buzz. But what does it really mean? We asked the experts to give us a workable definition. This is what they gave us...
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Happy Easter everyone! May your day be blessed with full of joy and happiness. #HappyEaster #easter2016 #festive #joy  
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Happy Holi everyone! Add more vibe and color to your business this year and start delighting customers. #happyholi   #festivalseason   #festival  
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Cloudcherry - From Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight!
Cloudcherry is a Customer Experience Management platform that helps brands understand and delight customers in Real-Time. 

Some of our standout features include
1. Omnichannel customer experience management and Customer Sentiment Mapping
2. Drill down into Customer Insights and action steps to improve customer experience
3. Customer Delight Score - a unique score designed by Cloudcherry. 
4, Real-Time notifications, alerts and analytics to help brands stay proactive
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Why Cloudcherry sold the BVP way

BVP - Billable Viable Product is the one thing Cloudcherry did different as a startup. Also, going BVP suited our philosophy as we had built