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There's no such thing as too retro
There's no such thing as too retro

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Life Begins at Forty
I must admit that I used to scoff at the old adage "Life begins at forty".   I'm not trying to perpetuate a cliche, but I truly believe with all of my heart that this saying indeed holds water.  Everyone is different, and some may come to this type of epiph...

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Bathroom humor - clever retro sayings for bowel movements
Back in my day.. it seemed like our grandfathers, dads, uncles, and older brothers, had an endless array of ingenious terminology for going number two.  Here's the top ten I've heard over the years that particularly stand out the most in my mind .. Evacuati...

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Old school snacking with Beer Nuts and Miller High Life
Do you ever feel the need to indulge in some old school snacking?  I often get the urge to do so quite often.  One such occasion was last summer when I was working in the garage on some of my old bikes.  I headed out to the liquor store with a faint idea of...

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Geez I'm gettin' old
As a kid, I never thought I'd utter these words, but I must admit.. I use the phrase "Geez I'm getting Old" more and more with every passing day year.  Here are some things that have come to fruition this year, which made me realize I'm no longer a spring c...

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Dad's Retro phrase of the week
"The bigger they are, the harder they fall" Isn't
this the absolute truth?  From bullies to corporations, the more
prominent or powerful they are..  the more difficult it is for them when
they lose their power!

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Older is better! Example #125.. Manners
Holy Moly, I could write a book on the subject of manners. Like many from my generation, I was taught about manners from a very young age. What I didn't learn from my parents I learned in etiquette classes at school. My how times have changed! I try not...

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Retro memories of Hostess Donuts and crazy Colorado weather
Crazy post title right?  I racked my brain for a simpler one, but decided nothing else could sum up my story as well.  Here's the skinny.. Hostess Raspberry filled Donuts I know Hostess went through a big buyout in recent years, and unfortunately, I believe...

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4 things we never knew we needed, not so very long ago
It's amazing how spoiled we are in this day and age of technology.  Kids may wonder how we ever survived in the dark ages of the 1970's and 80's!  Here's a few examples of things many have come to feel they simply can't live without.. Cell Phones Hooray!  N...

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Video Arcades.. a 1980s escape for kids
I was quite surprised to see my fifteen year old jump for joy yesterday because she had found five dollars in her pocket.  This of course was the perfect segue for me to tell her exactly what five dollars could get you back in 1982. I explained that in the ...

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Dad's Retro phrase of the week..
"Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea" -unknown 
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