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"But def recommend these tinted windows look awesome and well done!"
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"I can't say anything about their tinting as we never got that far."
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erik lopez
2 months ago
they did a really bad job with may rear window. i went back the next week and tell dave about it he starts yelling and swearing in my face and says its fine slams my trunk and yells to leave this guy has some problems . GO IF YOU LIKE BAD WORK BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND GETTING YELLED AT.
Sandy Seak
3 months ago
All the negative reviews are pretty much on point. I wish I can give no stars. I scheduled an appt. with the lady that calls all the shots (one of the owners). I called letting them know i was running late the day of and she gave me attitude so i offered to reschedule if it was a problem for them. They told me to come in anyway, so I did. fyi I took off the tint I had prior, myself the same way a professional tint installer would which is with a steam cleaner to save money and time but I messed up by telling the installation guy that because it gave these owners a reason charge me extra which I knew would possibly happen because of the vibe I got from the woman months ago when talking to her about prices. anyway, right after i left the warehouse i got a phone call from the women owner and got into it with her about what?! her being petty and trying to charge me for residue when I already spoke to the installer and he said it wouldnt be a problem and his job is to clean the windows before putting tint on anyways. she kept on talking over me and so I told her, "now I know what those Google reviews are talking about!" she replied, "that has nothing to do with what we are talking about!" I told her it does because it reflects on the way you do business...her next words were, "come get your car and just GO! GOODBYE!" and she hung up. so when I got back, her husband got in my face rude and defensive asking what my problem was and I told him your wife and asked him I'm just doing what your wife told me to do and your coming at me like I did something wrong? I put him in check while his wife stayed hiding in the office. He calmed his ass down and tried to come to a compromise but I wasn't having it so I left. the funny part was the guy working for them was more professional and apologetic than they were. please steer away from this place! why the f**k are they on Groupon anyways when they aren't willing to honor the deal?? I guess they use that to reel people in and then end up charging for petty bullshit so by the time you get your car back your going to pay retail price anyway. FYI I read their reviews before I purchased the Groupon but took that chance anyway, hoping I would be one of those customers who left a good review. hmmmm how unfortunate... hey tint xxpert owners! if your reading this hope you use my visit as a learning experience. you suck at customer service and if you were decent human beings you wouldn't treat people like that.
• • •
Jack Menahan
9 months ago
I called the Renton location to ask which Groupon I should buy, the $149 sedan or the $179 SUV, since I have a station wagon. The guy who answered the phone said he had no idea about the Groupon. He put a woman on the phone who REALLY sounded out of it. I asked her the same question, and she told me don't bother buying the Groupon, that she can do a better deal if I come by in person. I asked her the cost for a station wagon (which is SMALLER than an SUV!!!!) and she told me her great deal is $250. HUH? Are you serious? She was convinced that her price was better than the Groupon?!?! Stay away from this place! She kept saying come in and we will take care of you. No way!
• • •
Courtney Merrifield's profile photo
Courtney Merrifield
8 months ago
Contacted them to have two front windows done. Told me that they could fit me in in a few days but I would have to call back to find out when they were available. Call them in the morning, and was told that somebody wasn't home from vacation yet and that I would have to drive to a for their location, or they may be able to call somebody in on their day off to do just my card but they really didn't want to do that. I don't schedule my life around getting my windows tinted for one car, and they obviously didn't want my business or my money. Would not recommend
• • •
Craig A's profile photo
Craig A
2 months ago
I can't say anything about their tinting as we never got that far. I bought my wife a Groupon tint for Christmas and she called and scheduled for the following Monday. The "scheduler" called a couple of days later, totally confused about why she even called. It was a little strange. She then called again two days before our scheduled tint and left a strange message that ended with "I don't even know why I called" My wife called her back to see what the problem was and was treated very rudely, eventually being hung up on. I called right back to see what this lady's problem was and was treated even worse. She kept interrupting me and absolutely would not respond to a single question I had. I called Groupon and they gave me a credit for the full amount. It's too bad for the guys in the shop, because maybe they do a good job. I will tell anyone I know who wants a tint to steer clear of this place, regardless of price! I don't recall ever having been treated this badly except maybe by Comcast! Buyer beware!
• • •
James Shamrock's profile photo
James Shamrock
2 months ago
they rude as hell, specially the lady that works there, I have known the people there and have tinted all of my vehicles there for 12 years, i have taken 8 vehicles there, they do a terrific job, but their customer service is absolutely garbage, they are rude, have an attitude and don't treat you right I highly recommend against it,
Joshua West's profile photo
Joshua West
10 months ago
I had my Windows tinted there at the Renton location and it was a big mess, the lady gina is really nuts and hard to deal with, Now the old guy with a long beard there worked on my brand new Kia Forte and burned the rubber on the outside of the passenger door along with ALOT of bubbles in the tint, needless to say i was pissed and the guy just made excuses about it, so I had to go to the auburn location where I was helped by Dave and Jr, They fixed all my issues and my tint looked good, I would Highly recommend you go and see the guys in auburn and don`t deal with that lady, Defiantly stay away from the place in renton.
• • •
Emir C
12 months ago
If you are looking to get your tint done here, look elsewhere. Unprofessional. First, I called because I saw the groupon deal for $149, and the lady said "Well, I can't honor that but I can give you a discount for $189." I needed my windows tinted so I thought oh well, lets do it. She said Tuesday to come in(today) at 2 pm to the Renton shop. She was very quick to get over with me and hang up even though I still had questions as to what kind of tint they used, etc. I called a day before and verified my appointment and quote just to be on the safe side. So, I come in at 1:40 and the guy there is unbelievably rude. Telling me how I am late, he doesn't take late appointments, etc even though my appointment was at 2 pm and I was 20 minutes early. Well, he looks at the schedule and I am not listed there. I call the lady back up and she said "Ohhh no, let me give you a call back in 5 minutes." Well, 30 minutes later still no call. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. Terrible terrible terrible service and the tint they use is SUNTEK which is a dyed tint that fades and turns purple over time. I found a shop in Auburn who got me scheduled tomorrow and the guy answered all my questions, quoted me a price with tax, and said he will have two guys work on my car so that I don't wait around too long.
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