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Mike Mella
Designer of beautiful, intuitive websites. Owner of Be Like Water media inc. ExpressionEngine Pro.
Designer of beautiful, intuitive websites. Owner of Be Like Water media inc. ExpressionEngine Pro.

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I want to use Textra on my phone, but Pulse on me desktop. Is this possible?

Do I have to use the Pulse phone app as my SMS app in order to use the desktop version?

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Nonprofits: Are you using any kind of Captcha verification on your forms? Captcha is that test that checks if the submitter is “human.” Whatever method you’re using to make your visitors prove they're human, stop it.

Using Captcha is like telling your visitors, "You want our attention? Prove you’re worth it."

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I was thrilled when the Alberta Association of Midwives invited me to redesign and rebuild their website, and I'm pleased to announce that we just launched it this week!

It's hand-coded by me with no predesigned themes or templates. And it's built on a powerful, flexible, and secure CMS so they never have to worry about getting hacked or modifying their workflow to fit the platform.

I also designed and built their membership website, which allows members to register with the association and keep their payments up to date.

Check it out! 

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I recently wrote an article for the Nonprofit MarCommunity showing how to optimize a new nonprofit site for SEO. Check it out.
How to optimize a new nonprofit site for SEO

Are you planning a new or redesigned site for your nonprofit in the coming months? Do you know what steps to take to optimize your new site for search engines? To attract search traffic?

To help us clear through the clutter and focus on a few key tactics that matter, +Mike Mella has written today’s Nonprofit MarComunity post about optimizing new nonprofit websites for SEO. Forget about keyword stuffing and get ready to add these straightforward steps to your website development plans.

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My latest article at the Nonprofit MarCommunity.
How to decide if your nonprofit needs a microsite

Planning a microsite for your nonprofit's campaign or issue? Answer these five questions from +Mike Mella first, to help you decide if it's the right approach.
#microsites   #nonprofitmarketing

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Proud that a website I built for the Canadian Paediatric Society is in a position to help Syrian refugees.

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Great episode of Reply All about poor user experience. #ux  

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The importance of digital skills for nonprofit marketing success [#NPMC Chat]

Announcing the July #NPMC  Twitter chat topic! How can nonprofit marketers keep up with digital demands, and how do we determine which skills we need to be successful? Mark your calendars for Thursday, July 30 at 1:00 p.m. and follow the #NPMC  hashtag.
#digitalmarketing   #nonprofit
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