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Secret Lives of Christian Women: The Loss of a Parent
It has almost been a year since I lost my dear mother and life has never been the same. As a song writer I found a way to express my sorrow through song. If you are dealing with the loss of a parent, friend, child, or family member to cancer , please let th...

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Five Minute Fridays
Today is my first time joining Five minute Friday . Kate Motaung (encourages writers to write for five minutes on a specific topic. Today the word is Dream, so hear goes..... I dream of a day when we can be more authentic with each other especially in the C...

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Secret Life of Christian Women: Overwhelmed by ADD/ADHD Child
google images As I dealt
with my son’s epic temper tantrum over buckling his seat belt, I asked myself,
“why me? Why did you give me such a difficult child?” I must admit that day I
was tired of life and exhausted but it was how I felt in that moment.   If ...

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The Secret Lives of Christian Women: Ideas for Sexual Intercourse During Pregnancy
As I sit here and write this post, I realize that my sex life has suffered
for over ten months. I must admit that having sex has not been my first
priority. I have legitimate excuses (at least that is what I keep telling myself).   Now nine months pregnant,...

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The Secret Lives of Christian Women: How to Be A Supportive Spouse
Google Imag Growing
up in church, I have seen and heard some bizarre things. Being a "busy
body" like my mom always said, I was afforded the opportunity to hear and
see what I did not want in a marriage. I walked in on my mom’s conversation
with a friend. H...

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Secret Life of Christian Women: I hate My husband and I Am Unhappy
The thoughts we have
as Christian wives and moms are very similar to some of the same thoughts as
our friends. I was reminded of this while having lunch with a Christian friend who said, "S ometimes I wish my husband didn't come home ." Why are so many Chri...

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Keeping Your Marriage Intact During Pregnancy (Through Prayer and Action)
The news about my second pregnancy came as a surprise to
both my husband and I but we became more and more excited as months passed. Now
six months in, we are anticipating the arrival of little Anna, but I must admit
our marriage has suffered. Why? My errat...
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