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If you could, would you live in a house designed as a replica of a spaceship, like the Millennium Falcon or Serenity?
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Can I get a T.A.R.D.I.S. instead?
Yes... lol
I think it would look like the blue police box and the rest of the front and sides painted to look like the view from the back xD
Then the inside would look the same... though expensive and huge xD
I think it would be cool to have the tardis house underground and the police box is an entrance elevator.
My family has some land where I am able to build a cabin, and its supposed to be a little thing with a half secondfloor/deck. And I realized with a little finesse I can make it look like a small Galley, even including a mast with sails. The spot I have chosen is in a wooded area just above the line where the river floods at it's max.

I had just dreamed last night though that it was the Millennium Falcon I had built instead.
I'd take the Serenity for space's sake. I'll turn the cargo hold into a library and reading room.
See I thought about the Falcon's cockpit for that. I would put a daybed in and some shelves for books and then read under the glass of the cockpit.
i don't understand why anyone wouldn't
Word of advice, +Richard Baldwin , from someone who builds outdoor movie screens, stage setups, etc.: sails and sail-like cloths--even when not at sea--actually DO catch wind and torque with amazing force on the things to which they are attached! Just something to keep in mind... ;-)
I figured as much, but as someone who's (a) lost more than one gazebo to tornadoes, and (b) been on the bottom side of a just-fallen 20' movie screen, I'm a little over-sensitive. ;-)
I'm just going to step in and remind people there's no need to make any kind of sly gazebo jokes here.
First choice would be Serenity. Millennium Falcon would be ok.
My first thought was Enterprise-D!!
Then I came back to reality and remembered that size would be an issue.
Now Im sad
My answer is conditional. First, it is yes. Serenity would be far more spacious, but the Millenium Falcon would just be too cool. I would even settle for Flash Gordon's ride (provided there is an elevator. Second, is it free? Then Hell yes! I always thought is was a wasted opportunity that no one claimed the ship from The Goonies.
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