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Kris Wood
I paint. I play the piano. I teach high school to fund these habits.
I paint. I play the piano. I teach high school to fund these habits.

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Health & Mobility
For the past year and a half, I have been progressively suffering from peripheral neuropathy. It began on the palms of my hands, causing me to have difficulty playing the piano. I had an MRI of my neck at that time, showing herniated discs and spinal stenos...

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Retro Future
There's something vaguely comforting about taking photos out on the playground and seeing that Red Rover is still a thing.  

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One of the redeeming qualities of the job of school bus driver is that I'm up so early, I get to watch the sunrise from the very beginning. This morning it was a particularly breathtaking show. I wish a camera could truly capture just how wonderful it is. I...

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  Eryngo is an oddball wildflower I usually see in late summer here in Texas. The purple and blue are quite eye-popping. And the honeybees love them.  

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Piano lessons always make me feel better
After yet another unbearably hot afternoon bus route (they claim my bus is air-conditioned, but the only A/Cs that seem to work are the ones back in the back blowing on the students... the one that's supposed to cool down the DRIVER don't seem to do a bless...

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My pet spider now has a name.
My niece Ava, age seven, has declared that my spider's name should be: Aundrea which I believe is lovely and befits her.

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My pet spider
The lovely Argiope aurantia is looking much more filled-out and healthy after a few days of feeding her grasshoppers that I catch and put in her web for her. The webs that she's made even look nicer and neater, with the characteristic zipper-pattern and eve...

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Argiope aurantia
Yesterday, one of my colleagues brought me a big box of cow bones. Of course, this delights me... bones make EXCELLENT drawing subjects in art class. But the big box had apparently been sitting out in her barn, because it also houses a lovely Argiope aurant...

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Texas Chicken & Rice
I regularly "invent" recipes around here; most of the time they're MEH and not particularly noteworthy. But tonight I whipped one up that made everyone quite happy, so I wanted to write it down here for future reference. TEXAS CHICKEN & RICE 1/3 cup Ranch D...

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Stuff I saw today
I decided to take a short drive around some of the smaller county roads near my house today and I took the camera to record anything interesting I came upon. A lovely chestnut mule... This chestnut tobiano paint turned to face me as I drove past, and had ab...
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