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Kris Wood
I paint. I play the piano. I teach high school to fund these habits.
I paint. I play the piano. I teach high school to fund these habits.

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Encouraging news
Two days ago, I finally got a call from the scheduler at UT Southwestern to set up my appointment. He cheerfully chirped, "Looks like we can see you sometime in... uhh... August!" I chuckled and told him that if that's the soonest they could squeeze me in...

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Weighing all my options
This spring, I've felt strongly that I'm standing (well, sitting) at a fork in my road, that I'm somehow in a "Sign From God" point in my life. I could continue down the road I've been on for the past decade. Plus sides: same salary, same co-workers (who I ...

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Couldn't cope yesterday, so I called for a sub. Husband calls the neurologist when they opened and they were able to work me in, so he took me. She basically threw her hands in the air and said she just didn't know how to help me, so she's sending me to UT ...

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Well, sometimes you learn the hard way.
I arrived at school today and found that my desk computer had lost connection with the network. Being the DIY type, I carefully leaned out of my wheelchair and got to the floor to crawl to the router to reset it. I couldn't reach it. And also quickly realiz...

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And the CUlprit is...
At that last appointment, Rick was right -- the issue was just too complicated to summarize on the phone. The neuro ordered three more tests: Copper levels, Vitamin E levels, and then a test for Neuromyelitis Optica (which is a very unpleasant disease that ...

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I'm not going to obsess. I'm not going to obsess.
 I visited my neurologist, who was extremely concerned by my condition and ordered a series of MRIs for me. When I had those scans, they called me and said that it appeared to indicate severe B12 deficiency. They asked me to come back for some blood tests...

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Health & Mobility
For the past year and a half, I have been progressively suffering from peripheral neuropathy. It began on the palms of my hands, causing me to have difficulty playing the piano. I had an MRI of my neck at that time, showing herniated discs and spinal stenos...

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Retro Future
There's something vaguely comforting about taking photos out on the playground and seeing that Red Rover is still a thing.  

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One of the redeeming qualities of the job of school bus driver is that I'm up so early, I get to watch the sunrise from the very beginning. This morning it was a particularly breathtaking show. I wish a camera could truly capture just how wonderful it is. I...

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  Eryngo is an oddball wildflower I usually see in late summer here in Texas. The purple and blue are quite eye-popping. And the honeybees love them.  
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