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Why I can't discuss politics with most people:

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Decorating my dentist's office with materials on hand.

If you were going to start a new life from scratch and could do it anywhere you wanted, where would you go and why?

The Power of Suggestion: I love that because so many vegans believe nutritional yeast supplies b12, nutritional yeast makers now add b12.

Opinions and/or recommendations on multivitamins?

I've long taken VRP's Extend Core (at half recommended dose iirc) as a broad spectrum baseline due to lacking faith in both the quality of our zombie soils and in my practical ability to eat a variety of fresh foods every day (esp re. water solubles like the B's). Historically they have been really good about being ahead of the literature on choosing the right things in the right forms for their Extend line (e.g. 5-MTHF not folic acid), but recently something seems to have changed in their approach (new management?) and they're suddenly careening toward run-of-the-mill, with a number of changes I don't like. So I am now re-evaluating options. Ergo:

Please share your thoughts on either favorite high quality broad spectrum multis, or what makes more sense than a broad spectrum multi, or why I should have more faith in the quality of our food supply than I do, or why it matters less than I think. I'd certainly be happy to have one less commercial dependency (another couple of years I'll own nothing but a towel); but conversely one of the reasons I've stuck with these is that my energy levels have been super even since I started them eons ago whereas they used to swing all over (I attribute that mostly to the B's but it could be something else including possibly other changes I might have made at the same time).

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Zeno's Paradox (every time I look it's half way closer):

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