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This is exactly why I hate memes most of the time, in particular political ones. Just now, realized that the picture on the left is, in fact, Romney going through a TSA security check. Though had the partial decency to admit its mistake (the meme has been circulating for a few days at least), it wouldn't matter because the logical implication wouldn't follow regardless.

Romney getting his shoes shined does not imply he is a pompous ass - there are plenty of people who get their shoes shined who are decent human beings. Conversely, Obama handing what looks like money to some guy who appears to be a cheerleader of sorts (?), does not imply that he just strolls through opulent buildings throwing cash at proles.

Plus it's too late to admit a wrong because it doesn't matter. This stupid, misguided notion is sufficiently hammered in.

Memes are typically trite, misguided, short-sighted and appeal to the LCD of the online community. It's the worst form of propaganda, discourages coherent discourse or research. .. I could go on but I think I'll stop and get back to work.
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On second thought, since I hate this stupid meme so much I should have posted this sans link. Oh well, I trust all you G-plussers out there are on my tip regardless. Got this off of Facebook, of course.
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