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I develop techie things

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 Have you considered investing in a catheter?
Why do you care where another person shits? Do you find strange comfort in thinking the person pooping next to you has genitals that closely resemble your own? Why do you care how another person lives in a way that literally has no bearing on your own life and will never have any effect on you whatsoever?

If you still feel uncomfortable, you need to ask yourself what's more awkward -- not knowing if everyone in the bathroom has a pee-nozzle similar to yours, or forcing people to use a bathroom that doesn't match their outward gender. If it's the former, have you considered investing in a catheter?

I really like this new Chromebook Plus I'm using. The Google+ experience on it, however, is quite awful. I click on an image or gallery, and when I ESC out, it scrolls to the top of my feed and I have to scroll down to where I left off. 

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This is absolute CRAZY - Lots of people apparently are deleting uber over it
Doesn't surprise me though, you are either skinny and get hit on, or fat and get told you are a fat lesbian a lot of the time, especially if you have an opinion!

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I have had a similar experience with Amazon and their repeated pestering to move for their exciting opportunities in Seattle or Vancouver.

Google is no better. I even pre-warned the last Google recruiter in email that I was not interested in relocating, but it still did not stop him from asking me to relocate within the first few minutes of the phone screen. Argh!

I've been working remotely for 10 years now, it's highly unlikely I'm going to move for a company now. 

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It's sad that this account needs to exist, but I'm happy it does.

via +Ray Bernache
Attention: this account exists. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. via +Jenn Martinelli twitter acct here:

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