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People I know, Keilan L., Donny I. Ethan A. etc. if you know these people, you probably know me.
People I know, Keilan L., Donny I. Ethan A. etc. if you know these people, you probably know me.

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What a lovely graduation photo.......Oh, oh my...... Bowl

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The world sucks

This is the 1st episode of my NEW Tech & Entertainment News Show; it's blended VERY well. Enjoy!

+1 REALLY helps me out; thanks! :)

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Engineers build #RaspberryPi supercomputer  #Linux

This is really great news

Computational Engineers at the University of Southampton have built a supercomputer from 64 Raspberry Pi computers and Lego.

The team, led by Professor Simon Cox, consisted of Richard Boardman, Andy Everett, Steven Johnston, Gereon Kaiping, Neil O'Brien, Mark Scott and Oz Parchment, along with Professor Cox's son James Cox (aged 6) who provided specialist support on Lego and system testing.

Professor Cox comments: "As soon as we were able to source sufficient Raspberry Pi computers we wanted to see if it was possible to link them together into a supercomputer. We installed and built all of the necessary software on the Pi starting from a standard Debian Wheezy system image and we have published a guide so you can build your own supercomputer."

The racking was built using Lego with a design developed by Simon and James, who has also been testing the Raspberry Pi by programming it using free computer programming software Python and Scratch over the summer. The machine, named "Iridis-Pi" after the University's Iridis supercomputer, runs off a single 13 Amp mains socket and uses MPI (Message Passing Interface) to communicate between nodes using Ethernet. The whole system cost under £2,500 (excluding switches) and has a total of 64 processors and 1Tb of memory (16Gb SD cards for each Raspberry Pi). Professor Cox uses the free plug-in 'Python Tools for Visual Studio' to develop code for the Raspberry Pi.

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Is this heaven!

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+1 if you are all for bros!
Whales and dolphins are ‘best buddies’

These friends were noticed the first time off the northwest coast of Kauai. 8 bottle nose dolphins met up with a pair humpback whales. Since then these friends have been noticed worldwide, displaying their playful acts.

This game involves the dolphins approaching the whales when they appear to surf the pressure wave. The dolphin comes to lie across the whale’s rostrum when it comes out to breathe. The dolphins tries to maintain its balance when the whale lifts the dolphin and then the dolphin slides down the whale’s back, playfully tickling the whale.

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I would do this but im too lazy
Evidence! Here's the first computer I ever built :)

It was actually pretty easy. Every question I had was already answered somewhere on the internet or in the instruction manuals. And despite thinking I broke everything, it actually works!

The hardest part was deciphering the awful instruction manual for my CPU cooler. Oh, and figuring out which screw was which. (My case came with a lot of screws.)

Long story short: if I can build a computer, anybody can. :)

Here are just a few photos, for proof. I'll see if I can edit together a short video blog about it sometime soonish!
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