Oh, man, I forgot I made this a while ago in SomethingAwful's AWorld thread. I still need a special move for it.


Apocalypse World is a dangerous place; we all know that. Violence is a way of life. Towns get attacked by gangs, warlords make examples, people take payment out of your hide and the hides of your loved ones. Monsters walk the ravaged earth, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

You were supposed to be one of those bodies.

Maybe you weren't home when the attack happened. Maybe you weren't as dead as they thought. Maybe they just didn't give a shit about you and left you there standing in the ruins of your life.

It doesn't matter anymore. Your old life was burned to the ground, the ashes scattered to the wind.

Only one thing matters now. Revenge. You're going to find the fucker responsible, and you're gonna put him down once and for all.

There is no one more dangerous than someone with nothing left to lose.

Man, woman, ambiguous
Tattered wear, bloody wear, symbolic wear
Dead eyes, rage-filled eyes, tired eyes, focused eyes
Slim body, ravaged body, muscular body

STATS (very much not done)
Choose one set:
• Cool+1 Hard+2 Hot-1 Sharp+1 Weird=0
• Cool-1 Hard+2 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird-1
• Cool+2 Hard+2 Hot=0 Sharp-1 Weird=0
• Cool-1 Hard+2 Hot-1 Sharp+2 Weird+1

When you create your character, determine what terrible thing (The Incident) you survived and how you survived it. Did they raze your town and leave you for dead? Did their goons ride in, destroy and/or violate your family and leave everything in flames? Did they kill a loved one while you were away and now you're back?

The MC will then create a special Front for the guy responsible, hereafter known as "The Fucker". This Front is just like a normal Front, but with two exceptions.
1) The Fucker will have a few Lieutenants. There are guys who enforce the Target's agendas and do some of his dirty work. They'll all be tricky to get to, and probably have a gang or something you'll have to kill your way through. Lieutenants might be small Fronts on their own, too, but generally they'll be the threats of the Front. They also don't need to be actual threats; the guy who runs The Fucker's drug production facility is a lieutenant, and the cowardly guy who's the main pusher is also a lieutenant even though he doesn't even know which end of the gun he's supposed to hold.
2) The Fucker doesn't have a countdown clock. Instead, he has a Lead on you. Lead starts at 6. Every time you defeat a Lieutenant or learn an important bit of information about The Fucker, you reduce the Lead by one. When you confront The Fucker (violently or not), you take -Lead ongoing until one of you is defeated or withdraws from the scene in some fashion. If the Lead ever reaches 10, then he's gotten away from you; you now take -1 ongoing to all rolls, lose access to all Revenant moves, and must immediately pick a new playbook.

Ultimately, when you kill or otherwise defeat the Fucker and have enough time to contemplate your victory, you immediately gain one advance that must be spent on taking one of either the change your character to a new type or retire your character (to safety) advances. If you change to a new type, you don't use the normal rules for this. Instead, the following happens:
• reduce Lead to 0
• you lose access to one step closer and best served cold, but gain the following two moves instead, which carry over to your new playbook
The Legend: When you manipulate or go aggro on someone and tell them who you are (and who you took out), take +1 to the roll.

You get:
• a memento of your old life
• a clue to the identity of The Fucker; part of his outfit, a blurry memory, whatever.
• 1 businesslike weapon
• fashion suitable to your look (you pick)
• oddments worth 1-barter.

Businesslike weapons (choose 1):
• sawed-off (3-harm close reload messy)
• 9mm (2-harm close loud)
• big knife (2-harm hand)
• katana (3-harm)

You start with this one:
One step closer: When you confront The Fucker or his forces in some fashion (violent or not) and you get away alive, mark experience.

Pick 2 more:
This is between you and me: When you confront The Fucker or one of his lieutenants, roll +Hard. On a 10+ pick two, 7-9 pick one.
• You take +1 ongoing until they're defeated or run away.
• Nobody else will interfere on either side.
• They give away an important clue about The Fucker.
• You do 1-harm more damage against your opponent's gang or assorted forces.

I need your help: When you manipulate someone, roll +Hard instead of +Hot.

Best Served Cold: You can treat a roll you just made as a 12+, but you add one to the Lead.

Eyes on the Prize: When you arrive at a settlement you haven't been to in a while (or have never been to before) and ask around for leads to The Fucker, roll +Sharp. On a 10+, you get some info about The Fucker or one of his Lieutenants. On a 7-9, you get the info but word gets back to The Fucker or the local Lieutenant. On a miss, you get zilch and The Fucker's forces come looking for you. If you get info, take +1 forward when acting on it.

No One Else!: When acting under fire due to the Fucker or his Lieutenants, or Helping Out someone currently being harmed by them, roll +Hard instead of +Cool. If you let The Fucker or the Lieutenant get away, increase Lead by 1 but both you and the person you're helping get +1Hx with each other.

Not sure yet.


On your turn, choose 1, 2, or all 3
• One of them found you (or what was left of you) after The Fucker's attack. Tell that player Hx+2.
• You think one of them might be working for The Fucker. Tell that player Hx-1.
• One of them helped you track down a lead to The Fucker. Tell that player Hx+1.

Tell everyone else Hx+1. What happened to you isn't exactly a secret, and everyone knows you're out for revenge.

On the others' turns, whatever number they tell you, give it -1 write it next to your character's name. You have a little trouble getting close to people ever since The Fucker ruined your life.

• get +1hard (max hard+3)
• get +1hard (max weird+2)
• get +1cool (max cool+2)
• get +1sharp (max sharp+2)
• get +1weird (max weird+2)
• get another Revenant move
• get another Revenant move
• get a move from another playbook
• get a move from another playbook
• decrease the Lead by 1
• get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
• retire your character (to safety)
• create a second character to play
• change your character to a new type
• choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
• advance the other 4 basic moves.
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