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Frickin' finally. Only took me 40 loot boxes.

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Are you looking for a good tactical game? How about a game that deals with a non-depressing, hopeful post-apocalypse scenario? Then I highly recommend +Fragged Empire, which is currently kickstarting some pretty cool expansions; in fact you can get the core game and two new settings for $22 US.

Fragged Empire takes place in the distant future, long after humanity has died out. The race we genetically engineered to take our place, the Archons, created hundreds of new species to populate the galaxy and use as pets or tools. But their pursuit for genetic "perfection" led to them creating a being who turned on them, resulting in a brutal war and the Archon's extinction. Now, just over 100 years later, the races left behind are starting to explore space once again, rediscovering the galaxy, and the races designed solely to fight are attempting to put aside their differences in the interest of mutual survival.

Mechanically, Fragged Empire is a tactical grid-based game that gives PCs plenty of options in combat, but also gets around the "best gun" problem by letting everyone design their own weapons to their personal needs. There's also scalable spaceship combat, with systems in place that give everyone something to do rather than just the pilot and the gunner.

But what really impressed me about the game is the setting. It calls itself "post-post-apocalypse", but I like to think of it as "hopeful sci-fi". You've got your universe ravaged by generations of war, but instead of leaning on the "we still fight even though the reason for fighting is long gone, because all we know is war" trope, instead former enemies have made peace due to realizing that all war will do it wipe everyone out. On top of that, some of the races in the game don't have cultures due to being made solely to fight, and as such are figuring out this whole "civilization" thing from scratch.

I wrote about the game in more detail here if you want to see more of the mechanics:

The kickstarter (which closes soon) is to publish three new settings: the fantasy future of the sci-fi setting with settlement management, pirates v Cthulhu, and a Soulsbourne-style setting where TPKs aren't the end of the game.

Well, looks like I'm zero for two on my Free RPG Day demos. Nobody showed up for Torg or 13th Age.

Someone needs to make a PbtA game where you roll +hug. Just sayin'.


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Pictures do not do this book justice.

Well, my old external hard drive seems to have finally died, sadly before I could pull all my movies and TV shows off it onto my new, larger external drive.

Guess who gets to redownload everything this weekend!

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Finally: a game that truly deserves a 4K upgrade!

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Head's up: there's an original Cosmos marathon on Twitch!

Ah, the joyful feeling of realizing that what you thought was a big mechanical gap in an RPG that caused the game to grind to a halt and possibly cause the group to scrap it was because you, the GM, completely skipped an important table on a page you were looking right at.
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