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Hello ppl! We are proud to present the new, exciting, inspiring blog of Visit Greece! Be our guests!

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Happy Friday, travelers!

(TripAdvisor traveler photo taken in Greece)

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Cross these bridges when you come to Epirus!

The Epirus stone #bridges; these little traditional architecture gems, that often come with legends, local traditions and even tragic stories, are not-to-be-missed sights in their own right.

If you are looking for #adventure, put on your hiking boots and pack your gear. The journey starts at dawn! But if you are a city-lover and interested in traditional architecture, just follow us!

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Koufonisia islands are a beloved destination for those seeking to enjoy the original laid-back Greek lifestyle: peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, sun-drenched beaches with azure waters and… plenty of tavernas with fresh fish!

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Thassos is the most northern island in the Aegean Sea.
It is famous for the crystal clear beaches, with the fine sand, the luscious vegetation and the beautiful villages boasting houses of traditional Thracian and Macedonian architecture - plus its spoon sweets!
Thassos (7 photos)
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+Visit Greece loves #photography!
We are always on the look out for great examples of travel photography.

+Google+ is an excellent platform for sharing photos and Greece has such lovely locations which inspire people to get creative!
Searching Google+ we found many Greek photographers with some excellent photo collections from Greece and elsewhere. Circle some really excellent Google+ Photographers:

+Alex Bazeos
+Anthony Ayiomamitis
+Antonis Maglaras
+Bill Gekas
+Carol Anasi
+Charalampos Kydonakis
+denise loudaros
+Dimitris Triantafillou
+Fokion Xiotakis
+Giannis Gogos
+helen sotiriadis
+Ioannis Stampoulis
+Jeff Azoudis
+Julia Anna Gospodarou
+Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos
+Konstantinos Vasilakis
+Kostas Petrakis
+Mary Kay
+Nikitas Stavridis
+Nikos Atlidakis
+Peny Gian
+Stavros Markopoulos
+Vangelis Bagiatis
+Vangelis Feleris
+Vassilis Tangoulis

Do you know other notable Google+ Photographers showcasing photos from Greece? You can share them with us!

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As many times as u see it's never enough. That's the reason why Shipwreck bay (Navagio) is simply breathtaking...
Shipwreck bay (Navagio) (7 photos)
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