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Finding your ‘resonators’
those elements in life, that supplement to who you are,let YOU shine and excel—you need not to have 'stuff' for it.

At first, it might seem hard to find your ‘resonators’—things that evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions within you. Especially in a time like this, with many distractions. Yet, the opposite is true, it can be fairly easy. The hard part though, is being honest with yourself, about the fact that you found them and that those ‘things’ actually feel important to you— yes feel important to you. You know when you have found one, you will feel natural resistance from yourself. Maybe you are afraid, maybe you feel relieved… what do you actually feel?

I feel natural resistance from myself, as I write this text. Giving me a hint, that I am at least heading in the right direction. “Now breathe, and continue writing,” I say to myself.

Find your resonators, by going through the different stages of connection. From easy to hard. There are probably more—please share your thought on this. To name a few:

✔ Seeking human connection, rather than trying to connect with material objects is meaningful and more helpful in becoming happy. As material objects do not give feedback or connect back authentically as fellow humans can.

✔ Seek quality connections, that enrich and energise you, and the one you are connecting with. An connecting requires energy and time, for both you and the other one, which you both can only give once.

✔ Seek quality time with yourself, to connect its the inner you. You deserve it. You need it. External stimuli distract us and we let ourselves be distracted, our inner selves can be (and sometimes is) scary.

You know when you are there (or at least close by) — What to do next?

Breathe to create space in oneself, to shine the light on that what is perceived as scary—to see it is only our inner self talking (or after long times of suppression: shouting) for attention, to be seen and heard.

Now, it might seem like a long bridge—towards oneself. Yet it has been said, that it is about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy.

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