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16 tips for iPhone Battery Survival at a Music Festival
To mark Glastonbury Festival this week and following our blog on music festival apps recently let’s talk about how your mobile phone can survive a music festival and maybe even last the weekend. OK, you are going to a music festival and you want to take you...

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10 Reasons for a Music Festival to have a Mobile App
We think that smartphones and Music Festivals owe a lot to each other. In less than 10 years mobile has transformed the music industry.
CD sales are plummeting and downloads are soaring. Corners of living
rooms and walls of bedrooms have been reclaimed agai...

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Facebook buys WhatsApp: The Cost of Social Media.

Read our Blog on the $16BN Facebook purchase of WhatsApp and what it means for Social Media and marketing for business.

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Facebook buys WhatsApp: The Cost of Social Media
WhatsApp? You normally wait until your 16 th Birthday to
do something outrageous. In brief, the 10 Year-Old Facebook has bought WhatsApp - an app
that allows youngsters to flash their bits at each other - for some $16 to $19
billion dollars. OK, ‘only’ $4 B...

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Have a read and share our Blog...!

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Top 10 reasons for your business to have a mobile app The smart
phone and tablet market is huge - over a billion handsets are in operation
around the world and its growing, very fast. In
every coffee shop, street, train or at a gig you will see dozens of pe...

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