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thank you for sharing this, Jessica Park!
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I am an author. This article is SO AMAZING! Thanks for sharing it. I'm from little old England. We are also straining with the notion that being a "Real" writer doesn' t mean being owned by a publishing house. The English, with the adaptability that comes from bending to necessity are cottoning on to the fact. Check out This is a typically english solution. Backed by our "Arts Council" it is also supported by Orion Publishing. Of course they are in it for what they can get out of good writers, but there does seem to be a willingness to embrace what authors can do when they go it alone! Praise to Jessica Park for her brilliant exposition on the true identity of many writers who long to simply get their work out there! I want to read her work on the evidence of this article alone. I am on the edge of diving in to the self publishing market. And have two novels at proof reading stage and another being written. I'm thinking of going with "Smashwords" for my ebook and the "feedaread" print on demand for paperback. Both of these provide ISBN numbers free on one version. But check it out for yourselves folks!
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