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Guess who's #3 in Children's Ebooks on That's right, Richard Roberts' PLEASE DON'T TELL MY PARENTS I'M A SUPERVILLAIN. Goooo Richard!

Anyone want to help him climb to #1? The book's $0.99 through Friday!

#kindle   #ebook   #deals   #99cents   #countdown  

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Attention Redditors:

Author RICHARD ROBERTS is hosting a #Reddit   #AMA  in /r/books. Go forth and ask him out of place and embarrassing questions at:

(he's the author of the bestselling #book , Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain).

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I haven't been excited by this book in a LOOOONG time!

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And look what +Curiosity Quills Press is cooking up this Holiday Season.

#CyberMonday  is in full swing and so is our 2-day .99 cents sale.

Check it out and grab a book - or 10 ;) Just sayin....

WHY, Russia, WHY?

Have you solved all your problems? Everything amazing now? No tuberculosis spreading like wildfire through the veins of your prison system? No retirees searching for scraps in the dumpsters? No kids feeling your shores in droves? 

Is THIS what you should be concentrating your attention on?? And is this what your people should be permitting done to their own?

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Do I want to know? Do I? :)

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Oh GOOD one, Michelle!

What do you folks think?

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Could I have some Reddit love, peeps? Pretty please? 

And Amazon love too, if you can help it ;)

Thank you, folks! (and happy redditing!)
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