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Christina Luconi
Just try and bet against me. :)
Just try and bet against me. :)


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12 of 2eLLLve. Out With the Old,In With the New.
Like many people across the
globe, I am ringing in New Years with best hopes to make the coming year my
best yet.   While there are numerous
things that will always be challenges for me, my optimism for the future is unbridled.   Why? Because I believe my l...

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11 of 2eLLLve. Coming Out of the Closet.
When I tell people I am an shy, they look at me like I'm nuts.  They know me from work, and they see me joking around in front of a group of people, or comfortable in front of a room.  One on one, I'm perfectly fine.   When at work, I'm typically partnering...

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10 of 2eLLLve. I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends.
Two weeks ago, I was in the hospital.  If it wasn't for my daughters, I likely wouldn't have told anyone.  I got up very early on a Saturday morning.  I let my dog out in the front yard, felt very dizzy, and proceeded to collapse in the front yard.  In stoo...

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9 of 2eLLLve. The Grass in my Own Yard is Plenty Green.
When I was a child, nothing made me happier than the thought of back to school shopping each fall. Far more than the new pair of Nike Cortez kicks and dark blue Levi's, I absolutely loved the pristine notebooks and pencils I was fortunate enough to fill my ...

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8 of 2eLLLve. Learning to Chill The F Out
I've always loved August.  When done right, August has represented that I had already powered through the first half of the summer, and still had a month to go before a new school year kicked in.  Whether it was for me as the student, or years later for my ...

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7 of 2eLLLve. Learning to be a Bad Mom.
Like many women, I rushed to the movie theatre the other night with my
girlfriends, eager to see the highly anticipated “Bad Moms.”  While it wasn’t the next great Oscar
contender, it sure resonated with all of us. 
Why?  Whether you are a mom or
not, it’s ...

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6 of 2eLLLve.
Much of the first half of this year, I tackled taking on work related topics each month, in hopes of building a little more skill with each focus area.  Last month, I switched gears and spent the month focused on editing my house to feel more like a "home,"...

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5 of 2eleve. Putting Down Roots...For Now.
I entered 2016 intent on discovering twelve new things to embrace and learn with the cadence of one a month.     The first several months of year, I took on writing and building a stronger voice.     After four months of focusing on business writing - which...

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5 of 2eLLLve. Where The Hell Am I Going?
April is complete and somehow,  so is the first third of the year.  It's moving way too quickly.  I have so much I want to do, and the time literally seems to fly by.  As I rose this morning, I quickly scrolled back to the projects I have taken on over the ...
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