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Space, so much space, gotta see it all.
Space, so much space, gotta see it all.

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I have to try this, but I saw a recipe online that's a basic topping for pasta. I wonder, what would it taste like as a replacement topping for the Mac and Cheese recipe.

Here's a great idea that I think you guys could totally do as a Fridge Cam or a full video: homemade condiments. I'm talking caramelized onions, roasted garlic, and all the super-tasty flavors you can use to cut out fatty dressings and sugary condiments.

I saw someone make madeleines and frost them with yellow buttercream and call them fish fingers and custard for Dr Who.

You could do a good, old-fashioned New York style cheesecake.

Necessity: Crust has to be crumbly and buttery. Oddly enough, I had a friend make beer cookies that ended up a bit more savory, and thinking about it now, it might make a good crust for quiche.

What's a cuisine we haven't seen on Sorted yet? Could that be made into a quiche?

At a restaurant chain here in the US, they just added a great recipe that I love, and the combo is classic American comfort food: Fontina Grilled Cheese and Creamy Tomato Soup. The sandwich itself was an herby mayo on the inside with the fontina cheese, but the kicker was that it had extra cheese on the outside, so the outside was nice and crispy, and the inside was soft and creamy.

If you guys do an ultimate sandwich, you'll discover that there ultimate is the simplest one possible done with the best ingredients.

I don't use Google+ that often, but I can start helping out if needed.
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