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Maybe some people are wondering why I am not dot writing about Android related stuff in the last weeks / month.
Well I am pretty exausted, I moved cities at th end of the last year, started a new job and all this right at the time where ICS droped. But a long time before that Android wasn`t really fun to me, the demand was insane, many of my non Android posts got hijackt, a bunch of mails, comments, what ever spamed my private life.
I will continue my break on Android at least till easter hollidays.
Now some of you might want to know whats happening with the stuff I worked on, especially the Galaxy Ace owners, don`t expect anything, currently all my Android stuff is canceled and I don`t know if I will continue on them in the future.

Please don`t ask about them, because I can`t answer those questions.
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All the best with the other projects you pursue Kolja, this community has a lot of great people, but also a lot of ass-clowns.
Hope everything else is going well.
Privately life is obviously more important. I, from my bottom of my heart thanks you for the contribution towards Android community (especially Ace). It's very obvious that many XDAers might have bugged into ur private life (Sorry about that). Many including I, were desperate to get a custom rom for the Ace as the stock sucked. May be your spam might have reached to new level after news breaking that Ace will be getting CM7 even before it had any custom or Modded Roms.So many were desperate.

Soon (I hope) that your G+ or twitter stream may flood with thank you wishes after 7.2 release.

Thanks Coolya :) You are really a nice and gentle dev.
Everyone who asked stuff about cm or posted anything requesting to do something cm related was blocked and I will continue to block everyone demanding on cm stuff.
Danke für die Arbeit an CM7 fürs SGS1 ;)
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