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Highlighting the best Google Plus users, Google Plus tips, and great Google products for the everyday average non-techy user.
Highlighting the best Google Plus users, Google Plus tips, and great Google products for the everyday average non-techy user.


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Nice post from +Daryl Hunt 
"Hello Sign for Google Drive is a great app for digitally signing documents or for just adding text to a PDF. I've used it three times this week alone."
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Some thoughts from +Allen Firstenberg on #Social  
Why Google might just "get" social better than Facebook (But they still screw it up.)

Maybe I'm weird, but it hit me yesterday why Facebook doesn't really address some of the aspects of "being social" that are important to me. I've been ranting for a while about how Google is sabotaging their own social efforts, but it wasn't until yesterday that I realized that Facebook was doing even worse.

Earlier in the week, some friends had posted a +The New York Times story about GMO foods. I had wanted to read it, but didn't save it then. When I went back to look for it - it was long past what would show up on my wall. I couldn't remember exactly who shared it.

"No problem," thought I, "I'll just do a search to find Friends who posted about GMO" since I was sure that was in the title. Turns out I can't do that kind of search on Facebook. Searching for GMO itself turned up organizations and other stuff - but not posts.

Facebook took one of the most social activities we have, sharing something by word of mouth, and making it impossible to track down. Maybe I just couldn't find the magic incantation, but after a few minutes I gave up and switched to Google, where I did a regular Google search for GMO and found the article... and posts of friends who had posted about the topic already.

That's social. Making it so my friends are helping me do something I want to do instead of letting me stalk their friends. (Of course, if I want to stalk their friends... Facebook might be helping me out...)

(Then, of course, Google continues to botch it up by forcing their Play Store and Local reviews to only be public. So these services have no such concept as "private word of mouth". Perhaps some day they'll catch on.)
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How sharing to YOUR CIRCLES privacy works -- definitely something to share.
Sharing: "Your Circles -- Simple breakdown on how it works.
-- The people in your "Your Circles" need to also be FOLLOWING YOU.
-- If the people in your "Your Circles" are NOT also Following you, you are essentially posting to NO ONE. Let me put it in simple terms:
They not following you; they don't see your posts in their ALL stream.
-- Build up followers that also follow you OR
Have the good sense to post to Public.

-- Again...posting to Public is good for you.
-- You can post to extended circles...nothing wrong with it.
-- We have no "Incoming Stream" to show "extended posts" that we have permission to see. We have no dedicated "Public Stream" either.

I'm just giving you some simple info. Take it...digest it...think on it. Come up with some solutions and then SEND FEEDBACK to Google. 

Have a nice day! Hope you all learned something.
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Great tips on the Google Plus notify feature and tips to receive better engagement on social media posts! 

#Notify   #Notifications   #DirectShares   #GooglePlus  
PEOPLE THAT NOTIFY FOLLOWERS OF EVERY POST - Stop!!  You are basically asking people to Mute Your Profile or Block you.

UNCHECK the "also send emails to ___ circles" box. Only notify when a post is extremely important or if people have opted-in to being notified of specific posts about certain topics from you. Notify in moderation. Maybe you should think about only notifying people that you have build a rapport with on G+.

If you do notify people about a post, actually explain in the posts why you are notifying certain people so that the people that are notified will have some idea of why you are notifying them about your post.


- Learn to use a Good Summary Statement or Paragraph or Quote to explain a link that you shared or your long rant (before you begin it) or your photo or why someone should watch your video. 
- Use a Bold Title
- Use bullets or numbered lists
- Use White Space or Line Breaks so that people can easily read your long posts.
- Paragraphs are usually 4-6 lines. Vary the length of your paragraphs and use white space in between them to make them easier to read.

BIG HINT/TIP  - Many of your followers probably DO NOT WANT TO BE NOTIFIED OF ANY OF YOUR POSTS.

If you have followers that fit this description:

2. Name the circle something along the lines of "Don't Notify These Users" or "Don't Send Notifications" or "Don't Notify" Circle. You get the hint.
4. If you ever need to notify people in the circle, add their individual name in your G+ post or in the "To:" audience/circle(s) field when you create your G+ post.

If you need any more tips, let me know via +Margie Hearron 
Link to original post:

#GooglePlus   #SocialMedia   #Notifcations   #Notify   #MuteProfile   #Mute   #GooglePlusTips   #Tips   #GPlusTips  
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1. Can a person post too many updates on G+ in a short amount of time?
2. Do you think that +Google+ needs to have a built-in post scheduler for personal and business pages?
3 Would it benefit you if G+ allowed you to schedule your posts?
4. Please describe how it would benefit you?

[Yes, a few of you are receiving a notification b/c I want your exceptionally feedback and expert opinion.]

If you share this post, please ask people to +mention our page +Oasis in the Stream or one our our managers and comment on the original post if they can. Thanks.

Original Permalink:

by: +Margie Hearron 
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Guys/Gals: If you need any help with Google+, feel free to mention +Allen Firstenberg +Daryl Hunt +Margie Hearron or +Michael Banks or +Oasis in the Stream. You can also leave a question in the Oasis in the Stream Community on Google+. 

I've been spread thin these days, but we are still around for any of you that need help. Again, feel free to reach out with a +mention of a manager or post in the community. Thanks. 

posted by +Margie Hearron 
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Google Notifications - now an active link!

You can now dump all the shortcuts we came up with for checking our notifications because the Google+ Notification is now an active link that takes you directly to

Thanks Google for listening! :)

#notifications   #notificationbell  
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GPlusFixer -- Try it on Chrome. 
- the full content of the post is shown (no more "read more")
- the full content of comments is shown (no more "read more")
- comment field is wider – 500px
- no additional scroll in the notification window
- no scrolls in posts
- you can change default font
- new navigation which is always visible and small

All changes are optional, just choose want you need.
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Useful Info: How to Stop Notifications from a G+ Profile -- Mute Profile
Mute Profiles: Stop All Notifications From Google Plus Users To You

Go to a user's profile and click on the GEAR on their profile page, and then select "Mute ____". [Blank will be the user's name]

(You will stop receiving any tags/mention or direct share Google+ post notifications from the user.)

I also suggest you provide an alternate way for muted users to contact you for private messages like enabling email on our profile or providing an alternative email or website that has a contact form. 

On Mobile, click on the profile of a user and wait for it to load. Then click on MENU for your phone and then "MUTE" to mute the G+ user's profile from sending you notifications.
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