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Retire in Singapore with Style
Retire in Singapore with Style


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Our next #KnowYourNumbers Series is coming up soon! It will be our 3rd session. Stay tune. #MAPpED #BionicAdviser

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15th Dec 2018 is another fruitful session on #KnowYourNumbers Series aiding #FinancialConsultants to keep their clientele’s Finance In Balance!

Delighted to have experienced consultants to join us and have shared their advisory experience and know-how. So heartening!

What’s next?

Jonathan Low and I will be sharing on “Keep your Money GROWING”.

Return for more. We will be announcing the date soon!

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Merry Christmas!

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3 key takeaways for our 2nd workshop on 15 Dec 2017.

"How would you like to help your clients create more savings with the same income?"

"How does one create more opportunities to create more net-worth?"

"How about improving one's Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) and Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR)?"

If you would like to find out the answer, we are happy to host you to the 2nd workshop of the 'Know Your Numbers' series, where we will discuss some ideas on how to create financial balance for your clients.

It will be happening on

Date: Friday 15th Dec 2017
Time: 09:30am - 12:30pm
Venue: FA Training Room (Level 10), 2 Bukit Merah Central

Registration is now open at

#Coaching #Mentoring #TVM #BionicAdviser
#InsuranceAdviser #FinancialConsultant

At #7capitalist, we believe most will go through 7 stages of our finanical lifetime.

They are as follows:
1. The New Born
2. The Learner
3. The Worker
4. The Accumulator
5. The Preserver
6. The Retiree
7. The Giver

As you could see, different life stages have different type of needs. Once you ascertain the concerns that you client might have, financial solutions would evolve by itself.

So which life stage are you at now?
At this moment, what are your challenges & concerns?
And what are you passionate about?

Always aim for the S.T.A.R.S.!

S.portmanships = Play not to win but to enjoy the process.

T.eamwork = Power of Leveraging.

A.ttitude = Focus mindset.

R.espect = Allegiance to Authority.

S.uccess = It can’t spell without U!

Do you believe in #Diversification ?

So what is Diversification?

It’s spreading your assets among several investments, helps you smooth out potential ups and downs of your investment returns. It’s spreading out your risk exposure.

Even if one investment does poorly, the others may do better, thereby potentially improving your overall return.

You can diversify your investments at two distinct levels by spreading your investments among: 

[1] different asset classes — cash & cash equivalents (e.g., fixed deposits),bonds and stocks


[2] different markets — geographic regions, foreign countries, foreign currencies, industries and companies.

Do you know of other ways to diversify your assets?

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Engineered a process that suppose to “hurt” you.
Take the 5 steps.

H : Homework
E : Engagement
A : Analysis
R : Recommendation(s)
D : Documentation

#HEARD financial planning process

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Not a typical financial planning process but rather a process-driven procedure that made easy for you to heighten #FinancialAdvisory.

#HEARD financial planning process

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4 important wealth strategies to follow to achieve personal #FinancialIndependence

Strategy 1 : Protect first that which you can least afford to lose, i.e. your potential earning power!

Strategy 2 : Always have a cash cushion to fall back on for emergencies and opportunities!

Strategy 3 : Save as much as you can, as often as you can, start as soon as you can.

Strategy 4 : Diversification. The best investment is one that provides you with the most money when you need it most!

#PWS #BionicAdviser #WealthManagement #Investment
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