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No Nonsense Trac, Git, SVN, and Hg Hosting


We have just added a few new features to our email notifications. First, commit notifications can now include a unified diff of all changes that have been made. That way you can see the changes without having to click through to Trac. You can enable this option from the Notifications tab of the Project Settings page.

You can also now reply to commit and ticket notifications, and the reply will go to the user who made the change. If you are using our incoming email boxes, then you can enable replies going to the email box as well, allowing you to create, edit, and discuss tickets, all from within your email.

We have also done a visual refresh of all our notification messages. The new look includes larger text, a more consistent feel across notifications, and better support of mobile devices.

Finally, we deployed a number of performance improvements, especially to Trac, so we hope you enjoy the faster performance. Let us know what you think!
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We have just added two new billing features. First, you can now pay with Moneybookers/Skrill, which is supported in more places than Paypal is. We hope that this will better serve our customers around the world. Secondly, you may prepay for your account for any period of time.  This allows you to pay at a different interval, such as annually or quarterly, and also offers an alternative payment method in case you are having trouble getting the recurring monthly billing to work.
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New Feature: You can now collapse and expand Categories and Groups on the Account Dashboard.  This can be useful if you have a lot of projects or users and want to keep your interface from getting cluttered.  These settings are remembered on a per-user basis.
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We have just added some new features to the "Create User" form, including automatic password generation and a customizable welcome email that gets sent to the new user.  These were both much-requested features, so if you have any feature requests or feedback, make sure to let us know.
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We have always intended Repository Hosting to cater to an international audience.  Last year we added a Chinese version of our site, and now I'm happy to announce that we are also supporting Russian.  Check it out here:  You may switch your account to use Russian from the "Languages and Dates" tab of the Account Settings page. Or, if you would only like to change the language for yourself and not everyone else in your account, you may do so from your My Profile page.

We have some good stuff coming up in the next few months, so keep tuned for more announcements. And please leave us a comment with feedback about the translation, or to let us know which other languages you would like to see us support in the future.
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