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Writing Peak essay writing service that provides different types of essays. Follow us and share your reviews about our service essay writing service that provides different types of essays. Follow us and share your reviews about our service

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Post has attachment is an exemplary essay writing service dedicated to providing you high quality customized writing to meet your writing objectives. Student – undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level, members of our staff are top quality writers, from the top Universities in the United Kingdom and United States, with the primary objective of bridging the gap between you and your writing needs.

We understand that ensuring satisfaction on all of your assignments should be your prerogative; as such we provide you the following guarantees:

Provision of High Quality Writing – Timely and Reliably

We assure you of the provision of high quality writing at a timely and reliable pace. Our writers are classed the best in their area of expertise, and the standard expected of them is the provision of best possible quality essays and dissertations at the pre-agreed deadlines. Also, we offer the convenience of you having your writing divided into sections so you can comfortably monitor its progress and ensure that the writing is going in the direction that you like; or you can have the whole project delivered, timely, in one piece.

The Provision of Custom-Made Writing to act as guidelines for your writing

Writing Peak offers you writings customized to your requests. Our writings are aimed at helping you to get the best grades, so our writers deliver custom-written essays to fit your requirements. The proviso is that you do not submit our writing for your essay or dissertation; our writing acts guidelines with which you can have your essay written.

On completion of your essay, our critiquing service would examine your essay to determine that the grade you would get, corresponds to your expectations.

Non-negotiable provision of the quality of writing you require or your money back

Understanding the importance of the quality of the grades you receive on your papers to meet your long-term goals and objectives, we completely dedicate ourselves to ensuring you receive the best possible writing, ensuring you receive the grade you desire.

Strict Vetting Process for all of Our Writers

Regardless of the qualifications already awarded to our writers from their respective institutions, our writers go through a strict, rigorous vetting process. We carry out this process as an added measure, in addition to our writers’ exemplary qualifications, to ensure you are getting the best writer for the field you specialize in.

The Best Project to Match the Best Writers

At Writing Peak, we understand the best results come from individuals who enjoy what they are doing. On this basis, we match your writing projects to the writers most passionate in the corresponding field. This we identify by requesting and reviewing our writers’ transcripts from their educational institutions, carrying out informal interviews, and conducting strictly controlled tests to determine where each writer’s strengths lies.

Price Match Guarantee

When selecting a writing service, we understand that quality of service might not be the only trait you look for, but you also hope to stretch your funds across a number of assignments. On this basis, we offer you two options:

You can opt to select a plan which covers your writing needs for a duration, probably a period when you estimate your need for term papers would be at a premium/rush etc.

You request a consultation with a link to a more affordable price elsewhere. And we would match these prices, without any compromise on quality.

Well-referenced papers and assistance in locating references for these papers

Sometimes, locating the sources of your references might present a hassle. So at Writing Peak, we do not only promise to have delivered to you well-referenced papers, we promise to support you in locating the references for these papers. We also offer all reference styles according to the requirements of your academic institution.

Guarantee of Plagiarism-Free Writing

Writing Peak also offers, included in our services, a plagiarism checker. This is part of our commitment to fighting plagiarism. We know, without doubt, the importance of your writings to your overall progress and final grades, and your long-term employment or public service aspirations; and so we strongly ensure that plagiarism is not a deterrent to the grades you desire.

Thus Writing Peak offers you the iron-clad guarantee that your essays and writings would be free of plagiarism.

We abhor plagiarism as much as you do.

Responsive Customer Support to respond to your inquiries

We have in place, responsive customer service support to quickly respond to your inquiries. Locally sited, our customer service personnel have a good understanding with our writers, helping you to arrive at quick resolutions to whatever questions or challenges you might have.

Non-violation of your Privacy

At Writing Peak, we do not request your personal information and we decline from asking any questions about your faculty or institution in which you would use the essay. Thus, unless in situations in which you feel the disclosure of the faculty or institution (we do not receive personal information) would help us to serve you better, we expect and request that you appropriately guard your information from third party use.

On our part, we guarantee the non-use of your information unless in the approach you requested that we use it, and we do not share your information with any third party.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week support; Guaranteed writer availability

Writing Peak operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus you can contact us at any time, and we assure you of having a writer to respond your needs.

Extended Duration for Revisions

Writing Peak offers you a ten-day duration for revision of your papers and the additional option of extending the duration to sixteen days. This offers ample time for you request changes on your papers or assignments, and have them implemented.
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Writing Peak is an essay writing service owned and operated by “Name of Company” LLC, whose website is, and is registered under the laws of England and Wales, whose Company number is “….” and whose registered office is “Company Location”.

In order to offer our clients the best, speedy and affordable writing services, and to act as a guide in our interaction, via the various communication channels – the website, email, online chat etc. – with our customers, the following terms and conditions are thereby put in place. On patronage and usage of our services, it is assumed that you have read and agree to adhere to these terms and conditions.

Primary Agreement between Writing Peak and the Customer

The primary agreement between Writing Peak and the customer is the delivery of service on the order received, and which the proof of order has been sent to the customer’s given email address. The customer agrees that Writing Peak is only liable to provide the service described in the order, and which payment has been made for. On the completion of the service ordered, Writing Peak is not on any obligation to provide the customer any additional service, until an order has been placed on the site, and payment has been processed.

Customer Commitment to the Provision of Accurate Information to the Effective and Timely Completion of Orders Placed

Customers are largely responsible for providing accurate information when placing an order on Writing Peak website. These information should include all of the salient and detailed items that would aid our writers in effectively serving the customer. Customers agree that on the provision of such information, Writing Peak is expected to utilize such information as has been given in the delivery of our services.

Payment Processing

Writing Peak guarantees the commencement of all orders on the receipt of these orders and the corresponding payment. On this note, as a customer you agree that the orders you place on our site or via other communication method is only begun, when payment is received and your payment method has been sufficiently cleared. Any withhold of payment removes Writing Peak from any bind or obligation to begin your writing.

Missed Deadlines or the occurrence of unforeseen events

Though at Writing Peak we aim at producing quality writing at the earliest time or pre-agreed deadline, in the case of a missed deadline or other event which might cause you not to receive your writing timely, you the customer agree that a mutual understanding would be worked out between you and Writing Peak. Options that would be considered include the full refund of your payment or the agreement of additional time to have the writing completed. Customer also agrees that on full refund of customer payment, any writing done or carried out to that point is the property of Writing Peak.

In the occurrence of unforeseen events, the customer agrees that Writing Peak is not liable to any intellectual damages that may arise from circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to difficulty accessing your account on the website, the website is down due to maintenance checks etc.

We may also make changes to the website, which might affect your ability briefly to interact fully with the site. On this note, we expect that you would exhibit patience while we address the issues encountered to enable your access to the site, and provide the quality delivery of service that we aim toward.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Though we guarantee the security of your personal information and promise not to share these information with any party which does not directly or indirectly benefit you , Writing Peak reserves the right to reveal these information if there are any evidence that the usage of the information has constituted a fraudulent act or illegal act, or we are required by law.

Security of Customer Account Information

Writing Peak uses the advanced security technologies in ensuring the security of customer information on our site. We thus request that customer cooperate with us on the aspect of security by securely storing their username and password in a safe place. Writing Peak shall not be held liable in the event of the theft of such information or the carelessness of the customer in divulging such information. The provision of the username and password is to guarantee that on access to such information, holders can visit and conveniently make use of the facilities on our site. However, unless in rare cases, we shall not undertake an additional check of user’s identity, when the correct combination of the user name and password is inputted on our site.

Primary Expectations in the Collaboration between Writing Peak and the Customer

Writing Peak reserves the right to collaborate with the customer as we deem fit. This collaboration would possess the qualities of professionalism, courtesy and honesty. In the event that we view that a customer might constitute a deterrent to our committedly rendering our service, Writing Peak reserves the right to terminate a customer’s order and restrict customer access to the use of Writing Peak website facilities.

Writing Peak commitment to the eradication of Fraud or Fraudulent Activity

On the observation of any discrepancy in customer’s placement of order, for example, the difference in personal details provided by the customer, with the payment details to place the orders; Writing Peak reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the customer, or stop pending orders and restrict customer’s access to the Writing Peak website.

Changes to this Policy or Changes on the Website

Writing Peak reserves the right to make changes to this policy or changes to the website. These changes shall be appropriately revealed on this page. It is thus in the interest of the customer to regularly review this page, to be made aware of the changes. In the event of any modification to this policy, and the customer visits the site thereafter, it is assumed that the customer is acquainted with the changes on the site, and completely agrees to adhere to these changes.
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