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Twerk or no twerk, that point is, the racists bigots are really EATING CROW. Here Serena has reached 22 Grand Slams, HONESTLY, THROUGH HARD WORK AND DEDICATION, whereas, the GREAT WHITE HOPE, has been DRUMMED out of tennis in DISGRACE. Maria Sharapova has been taking PEDS for the last 10 years, and still lost 18 straight to Serena.

But, the white racist bigots get on social media and accuse SERENA of taking PEDS. Maria has faded from tennis in DISGRACE, and yet the white racist bigots still come and accuse Serena of using PEDS..

Now, people know what the term UNEDUCATED LOW I Q WHITES are capable of..

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Rhonda Rousey after getting KOed by Holly Holm, SKIPPED HER OBLIGATORY news conference and SHE WAS NAMED THE SPORT WOMAN OF 2015, beating out Serena Williams. Did YOU WHITE RACIST BEETCHES say the SAME THING ABOUT HER?????????
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