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Acknowledging The Importance Of Intangibles
It is absolutely heartbreaking that the supporters of the current administration cannot acknowledge the importance of intangibles. Perhaps because I have lived all over the world, propaganda is easier to recognize, since it does indeed exist in every country, including my own. But, at this point, it is glaringly apparent that it has not only occurred here in the last 18 months, but has been pervasively effective.
I’ve decided to try another tack when the insisters dismiss what is happening with the reasoning that propaganda is immeasurable & intangible.
So is love. And honor. And courage. And integrity. And compassion. These cannot be measured. Yet, these are the intangibles upon which we built a world power in less than 300 years. These are the elements of a civilized democracy.
When we hold up for glory & offer by public examples, that winning, even if you lie, cheat & bully, is all that matters, then you destroy the very best of who we are.
I am not naïve, & have written previously on the delusion of the old white guard who think they made their fortunes being smarter or better than everyone else. In fact, they were robber barons, amassing great wealthy from everyone else’s efforts. The native Americans, immigrants, slaves, women & children they subjugated, bullying, bribing, blackmailing, & cheating those who could not protect & defend themselves. That has given the robber barons a delusional sense of superiority. A smug insistence that they know better. In fact, they simply had no moral compass & placed greed & power at the foundation of everything they orchestrated. What is frightening now, is that the world is smaller, & the robber barons from each powerful nation have all met, colluded & assured that only their little group should access the world’s bounty.
I am a 70’s baby, & an ex-Philly girl. I went out into the world believing I could do anything, humming the soundtrack from Rocky, & sure all my dreams were accessible. It is abjectly un-American that the great majority of Americans no longer feel they can aspire to better lives. That is what has created the rift, the fear, the anger. I get it, I am angry & afraid too. But, standing in a painted corner in the dark, & refusing to acknowledge the intangibles, all of them, will never help us regain our strength. If we cannot attest to a lie, a truth, right & wrong, morality & ethics as we have acknowledged them previously, we will relinquish the importance of what has always kept America great. If we allow this small group of robber barons to continue their scorching of everything that matters to people of intelligence, conscience, talent & honor, then we are not patriots. We can’t integrate, innovate, dream & succeed together as Americans, much less leaders of a fair, safe & free global society.
It is now clearly evident, is that in their delusional arrogance, when given free reign, the robber barons have made an ever-growing mess, leaving quite a discernible trail of wreckage, intangible, & apparent. The only talent they really have, have ever had, is the mastering of abusive & immoral deceptions it took to steal so much money from everyone else. Now that they can’t operate in subterfuge, it’s a blessing for us in disguise because they are unveiled for all to see. Please don’t let these be the idols we hold up for our children to emulate.
Queue the theme from Rocky please…I honor all the intangibles & am still an optimistic American.


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Concierge Jo-Anna Silver-Sparta
4 mins ·
It has been a continual rollercoaster ride since the new year began.
Here's the next going away project, & I need your help!

Calling All Friends Of Friends With Friends!

This summer, I am taking the plunge & relocating to another continent! As you can imagine, closing out my time here is a long & complicated process. Part of what needs to be done, is divesting myself of anything too big to fit into my suitcase! I would love my local friends to bring their friends & check out everything that must go.

If you’d like more info or pricing on items available,would like to make an appointment, or just get in touch about future projects,
Email me today!
Best, Concierge Jo-Anna


i wish president obama had not been so classy & worried about seeming too political & partisan. i wish, as soon as they released the clinton server scandal, that he had immediately released all this russian connection to trumpworld intel.
now, in my country, collusion, violation of ethics, perjury,bribery,blackmail,treason all are no longer punishable acts. and, it trickles down, just as meryl streep noted. in my own small town, abuse of a child, breaking & entering, attempted vehicular manslaughter, teachers with questionable backgrounds,stealing from, blackmailing or bullying your detractors or staff,are all forgiven if you cut a big enough check to the local officials & churches, or are just a part of the local in crowd of the boys club & their subjugated wives. none of these events have been prosecuted, with our own state's attorney insisting, even with affidavits in hand & video documentation...that there were no criminal acts committed.our judicial system is only available to wealthy, connected white men. & my country longer the land of liberty & justice for all. am i naive...was it ever?

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Concierge Jo-Anna Silver-Sparta
Just now ·
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#resistance #shepersisted no matter what you believed it is abundantly clear how much blacklisting,propaganda & sheer slander there really was against her. for every deed you believe she was wrong about, there were years of public service, under constant criticism. no man would ever have been hazed & harassed like she was. no man is ever judged by these much more critical standards. and no man is ever denied the acceptance of multiple, even chronic misdeeds. and yet, she remains authentically involved, elegantly responsive & much better at all of it than her male,deceitful,dangerous, temper-tantrum throwing counterparts. she won the election. period. if you can look objectively at the people in this current administration, & their illegal manipulations of foreign affairs,world markets, attempts to quash the media,gross negligence, supreme incompetence, disregard for the law, humanity & the environment & still think we are better off, god help us.

Hillary Clinton rallies DNC members in video message
“Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country,” she said.

just as rasputin brainwashed the czar & brought down the russian monarchy-so bannon has brainwashed the president & will cause his fall from power. amazing how many physical, psychological, financial, intellectual & social traits rasputin & bannon share. i hope everyone is paying attention, & that we can redirect our country sooner, rather than later.

Concierge Jo-Anna Silver-Sparta
Just now ·
omgoodness! after spending a week trying to finalize closing up my house & relocating....there is now too much info to catch up on as per current events!
i will only say that as a woman, duly noting that...martha stewart went to jail-quickly, when she sold stocks on a tip. tom price didn't just buy & sell stocks, he created the tip to facilitate the transaction!! hillary clinton was investigated, threatened with "lock her up" & so much more...yet michael flynn has only to quietly resign, when in fact he actually did breach national security, committed in essence, treason, & almost comically, by his own words during a campaign speech, actually stated that anyone making these transgressions, including himself, would be in jail:…/michael-flynn-rnc-speech-video one can only hope for a swift karmic return for everyone in this administration.📝 🎤

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I have been so overwhelmingly occupied by current events, that I have neglected my source of inspiration & sanity! Writing, music & sparkling exchanges with people whose thoughts & talents I admire.
I hope to be posting a new video/recording bit soon about “The Real Thing”, my tagline for 2017, but in the interim, here are a few things I think are worthy of mention to assist in de-stressing & resourcing through these odd & perilous times:
~Don’t miss NLV-that’s No Longer Virtual, a fantastic workshop in Atlanta on February 23rd & 24th. It’s hosted by Sarah Elkins, a marvelous writer & performer whose path I crossed on LinkedIn. And, featuring some of the most interesting professional people I’ve come across to date, like John White, my favorite columnist at Inc. magazine & brand ambassador at beBee!
~Attached is a piece I call “Elements of Wholeness”. These are all concepts I work with & believe in, but I had never combined them quite this way until I chatted about mind/body connections with the brilliant Dr. Gary Sharpe, of Out-Thinking Parkinson’s. We exchanged a lot of information on how very much you can accomplish with diet changes & additions of simple activities & pleasure in daily life. This will be published under my byline in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global shortly.
Ah, I feel so much better now that I’ve toured a few of the creative, interesting, diverse elements we can come across in the world, & look forward to revisiting often! After all, there is still the evening news to conquer…where is my wine?
Best, Concierge Jo-Anna 📝 🎤

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we are losing our credibility,our reputation, & ultimately-our ability to continue to be a leading, world power.

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i do not recognize anything about the current events in my country-or the aberrant behavior of this administration.

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only the native americans were here before all the rest of us. we came as immigrants, tired & sad, from all over the world, seeking new lives built on & in freedom.
lady liberty is indeed crying this week.

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