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Now, I know that there is a decent amount of debate on this subject and it's been bothering me for a bit now. Which is canon: the new Clone Wars series, or the old one? I'm pretty sure that they can't both be canon because, correct me if I'm wrong, Anakin kills Ventress in the original series toward the beginning and Grievous doesn't get his cough until the end of the series when Windu semi-crushes his chest piece; however, in the new Clone Wars series, Grievous has had his cough since the beginning and Ventress is very much alive. How does this work? 

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So I've decided to start a new Medieval Town Project after the failure of the first few. This is what I have so far: basically a wall and the beginnings of a watch tower. The fourth image is an overhead image of where the town is located, just to give you guys an idea of what I'm working with. Anyway, if you guys have any input or ideas for the town, just let me know. 
Medieval Town Update 1
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I got dat update swag! 
Dat Update Swag (0.7.3)
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Why does this happen? I am in 4.3, if that helps anything. 
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