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My most memorable moment in Planetside 2 would have been the first time that I worked with my outfit perfectly, we were like one person, and that is not something that you see often.

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Welp, there goes sanity, again, THANKS WORLD.

The new youtube comment section is the beginning of the hostile, yes I do mean hostile, takeover of youtube. The fact that you have to be signed into G+ to comment on videos and that you can't mark things as spam is just bullshit. Youtube is dying, hell, people are planning their endgames for when the shit hits the fan and youtube finally just dies.

Another thing, the fact that you can POST LINKS in the comments of youtube means that you have given the worst bit of the internet, the ability to freely distribute viruses to peoples computers.

The forcible takeover of the youtube comments is just the beginning, who knows what they will do next.


Alright, my high school gave everyone iPads to do school work on, not a bad idea in concept, but we have had them for a month and have not used them at all. they spent $400K on them, and yet we are not  using them, what the hell?
#whatthehell   #wtfiswrongwithyoupeople  

As it turns out, minecraft is completely addicted to my wifi, and whenever I go on another network it goes into withdrawal and minecraft will not launch properly

Well, it's official, the world is ending. Youtube is down, we're doomed.

Independence Day, the day we celebrate the independence to oppress those we wish to. It's horrid that we celebrate 'independence' and 'freedom' while there is still inequality staring us in the face.

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This is the height of rage gaming.

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I have started building a Portal map in Minecraft since I re-played Portal the other day, and I need Ideas for tests. If you have any ideas, follow the link and leave a comment, thanks.


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