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Gamer / Technophile / Nerd / [E] Nullzone

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Sanity check: is Nerdly happening May 12-14 or 19-21?

The wiki says the latter but I have had the former marked on my calendar since the first announcement that the park service confirmed us.

I put a bunch of vaguery describing my event in my application because I didn't know what particular sort of game I'd be running - but I know what I'm doing now, so is there somewhere I should submit a description for inclusion in the program schedule? 

Two Rooms and a Boom

I'd love to moderate a few games of this if there's interest!

For anyone unfamiliar, this is a hidden role game that takes place over ~10 minutes - players are randomly assigned to blue, red, or neutral teams, some with special powers. The players are randomly separated into two rooms (or just groups, as long as they're physically separated) and occasionally have to send people back and forth between them, gathering information all the while to try and discover other player's identities.

The end goal of the game is opposed: red team wants their bomber to end up in the same room as the blue team's president, while blue team is trying to keep the president safe. There are sometimes secondary requirements to reach the goal, and grey team players may have their own goals as well.

I'm sure there's some actual play videos around if you want some examples of play, but my favorite one is probably Shut Up & Sit Down:

We'd need at least 10 people (besides me) to make it viable, but the more the merrier! 

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Look ma, tokens! I was bored and noticed I lacked most of the tokens my new W/G Magic: the Gathering deck could make, so I trawled for some artwork and put Magic Set Editor to work. Pretty happy with the result.

PSA: Posting scare pictures on a regular basis is a great way to find yourself blocked from my feed forever. So is spamming me with "GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES!!1!one"

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lolol +Stephen Burkett 

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Today in Geek History: Jim Henson was born in 1936. 19 years later, he made something out of his mom's green coat and a halved ping pong ball: 

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So is anyone planning to go to MAGFest?

I was super thinking about it last year and then ended up not being able to get the time off, but said I would definitely go this year (support your local cons!). But I have to be honest, I see threads like this, and I immediately shirk away from it. I drink, but have in recent weeks discovered that I don't like getting drunk or being around drunks, so hearing comments like "People say the drunks are out of control every year, it just goes with the territory" is a pretty big turnoff.

I'm still on the fence, but leaning towards not unless I know some folks will be there to hang with to help minimize the drunkard exposure.

I guess what I'm saying is...tell me good things about MAGFest, because all I ever seem to hear about is the drinking parties.
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