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Arizona WordPress Meetup
WordPress Meetup Arizona Learning Group
WordPress Meetup Arizona Learning Group

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Demo of the popular PageBuilder, including Q&A with Robby McCullough, one of the 3 founders.

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Reduce, Reuse, Refactor - Chris Klosowski (Easy Digital Downloads)

Managing codebases and projects takes time, and time usually means money (especially with development resources). Using some of the methods discussed, we can help make ourselves and our teams more productive as we move from project to project, which saves time, money, and costly research time. We'll cover code complexity, reusability, and the dreaded 'refactoring' question.

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WooCommerce: Wading Through the Woo - Justin Tucker (Fansided)

In January, Chris Klosowski presented Easy Digital Downloads in comparison to WooCommerce, showing how they can both be set up easily. Here, Justin will take us a little deeper into the great big world of WooCommerce.

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Next-level design thinking: how to stay hungry - John Gough (Skyhook)

The worst thing that can happen to a practitioner in the technology field is becoming complacent with your taste and not knowing it. We’ve all seen people get stuck in a style or platform and close their eyes as the world continues to move past them. You care about professional education or you wouldn’t be here - but how do you maintain the hunger you need and make sure that your taste is keeping up? This discussion is for you.

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JavaScript, how we got to where we are now and where we’re going - Brad Westfall (

Let's have a candid (and maybe opinionated) conversation about how JavaScript has evolved to be what it is today and where I believe it's going in the future. We'll talk frameworks and issues with JS. We'll talk about the "monolithic" conversation of 2015 and how React may help or hurt. Is JavaScript "Object Oriented"? What is ES6 and ES2015? What exactly is Node? What is io.js? Why is jQuery now the "black sheep" of the community? We'll cover lots of things including all your questions.

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Setup to First Sale - Chris Klosowski (Pippin’s Pages)
A quick walk through and demonstration on getting online fast with WordPress using Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

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How to Build a Meaningful Brand Online  - Melissa Balkon (Strong Design Studios)

In today's over-crowded market, differentiating yourself online is more important than ever. In order to set your organization apart, you must develop an intimate knowledge of who you are and who you're not in order to build a strong brand. But what is the framework for this kind of introspection, and what exactly do you need to learn about yourself to start evolving your image into what you've always wanted it to be? In this talk, we'll walk through the steps to define and solidify your brand foundation, followed by an overview of the outlets you can use to uniquely express these qualities in such a way that provides a unique experience for your customers, shows you stand up for what you believe, and allows you to stand out in a sea of competition online.

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Class{ifying} Custom Post Types / Developer Edition - Seth Carstens (Fansided)

We will sprint through an introduction to Custom Post Types, explain where they are stored in the database, limitations to how they work in scale, some do's and don'ts when architecting your CPT solutions, and the Github project that will shortcut your learning curve to developing your own Custom Post Types, where we will also go over using a "Class" to build custom post types and how you can use static functions in your Class for the best code re-use practice. This interactive presentation will both give you education about CPTs, links and resources, and a code base to start with when you get home from the presentation.

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Michael Wansten (Revana)

Topics Covered:
• Google - Where it started, where it is now
• Who are the top 2 Search Engines
• AdWords vs AdSense
• Organic SEO vs Paid PPC
• Google Tracks Conversions Across Multiple Platforms, devices and locations
• How to get started
• Where to get help

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Actions and filters allow developers to easily "hook" into WordPress to add their own code and change what WordPress is doing or outputting by default. We will go past the basics of using actions and filters and dig in further to develop advanced functionality inside WordPress.
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