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+R.J. Thompson​ delivers the goods in perfect condition. Thanks for the extra swag!

+Jay Sharpe​ and +D.j. Chadwick​ deliver as promised. Great books.

+Jay Hassan​ delivered as promised. Well packed and fast shipping.

Packages arrived from +John Marron​ and +Keith Holdren​ in perfect condition. Fast shipping on both.

My book Red Box Fantasy from +Rick Hull​ arrived in perfect condition.

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How do people handle environmental damage, like from falling, traps etc. ? Roll vs the difficulty and damage is the difference if you fail? Just use a static number like 2pts for every 10 feet ?

So I'm new to the USR system, which I really like, and the USR community. I know this has probably been discussed before but I couldn't find any previous info so I thought I would just ask.
Why not just add the weapon modifier to the damage instead of the actual roll? When you add it to the roll it does equate to bigger weapons doing more damage but it also makes them easier to hit with which I don't necessarily believe to be true. I'm assuming I'm either missing something, probably on my part, or it's just a design/concept preference. The difference between the die rolls equates to the skill of the attack, the damage mod shows the lethality of the weapon and the armor of the opponent gives damage resistance. Any thoughts or help?

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Three fantastic scenarios of AS&SH ran by Morgan Hazel at Origins Game Fair 2016. I'm hooked! Looks like it's time to buy the box set.

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Polyhedral Dungeon at Origins Game Fair!
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