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Maximum Ride by James Patterson
not official Maximum Ride page but just a fan page
not official Maximum Ride page but just a fan page

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For those who are still interested in the movie, a movie was actually produced and released. It is now available on netflix. As for the quality of the movie, that is an entirely different topic. 

James Patterson was working on a Maximum Ride movie and it got postponed due to problems. Im pretty sure they said they were starting it again this year!! :)

I have not been able to post as much because of school and I have more homework that I had anticipated. For this reason, I'm looking for some more managers for this page who will be able to post. Just comment on this post if you want to or you can share it to me privately. 

If you could meet any celebrity in the blink of an eye, who would it be?

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ok this isnt about MR but this is important
this movie has came out and i really want to see it
it looks amazing and the book is amazing, i got it and started it the day before the movie came out
all im trying to say is watch the trailer and go to the movie

Have any of you guys had any dreams about being in a world similar to MR or actually in MR with wings, mutants and all of that?

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Ben Barnes as Fang

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He He

Oh yes, I'm looking for some more admins/ managers. Inbox/ private message me if you are interested

Percy Jackson comes out today!!!
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