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Maximum Ride by James Patterson
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James Patterson was working on a Maximum Ride movie and it got postponed due to problems. Im pretty sure they said they were starting it again this year!! :)
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Oh Awesome, This channel has so much cool info, follow for a follow?
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If you could meet any celebrity in the blink of an eye, who would it be?
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Wait gravity falls yaaaaasssss X3
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Have any of you guys had any dreams about being in a world similar to MR or actually in MR with wings, mutants and all of that?
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Who doesn't? Lol
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Ben Barnes as Fang
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He looks hot drools
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Percy Jackson comes out today!!!
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It came out for me yesterday, I think I'll see it on Saturday. I hope it is better than the first one. 
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So for Divergent fans out there, it comes out March 21, 2014! Now we have something else to look forward to, but is MR ever going to be made into a movie? Because it's been a longggg time and they haven't even had any news on it. I'm starting to get dubious about whether it will actually be turned into a film now. 
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I think it will
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Where do you guys think Maximum Ride: the movie should be shot at?
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Pennsylvania, Lebanon 
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I have not been able to post as much because of school and I have more homework that I had anticipated. For this reason, I'm looking for some more managers for this page who will be able to post. Just comment on this post if you want to or you can share it to me privately. 
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Points to me hello
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ok this isnt about MR but this is important
this movie has came out and i really want to see it
it looks amazing and the book is amazing, i got it and started it the day before the movie came out
all im trying to say is watch the trailer and go to the movie
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I love the books and the movie.
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He He
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Oh yes, I'm looking for some more admins/ managers. Inbox/ private message me if you are interested
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interested in what
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So I thought I'd start this recommendation bit on this page of books that I think you guys would love to read and would probably enjoy.

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

This is a prequel to the Mortal Instruments set in the Victorian Age and I don't know if it's going to be just me, but after reading the whole series (I finished it yesterday), I am obsessed with books that take place in the Victorian Age. This book is tied to the Mortal Instruments but not directly, but through descendants and such. I was trying to piece together the family tree long after I finished the book. 

Basically, it follows Tessa Gray. Her aunt who she had been staying with since her parents died had also passed away, so she was on a ship from New York to London to live with her brother who resided in London. Though it's not her brother that picks her up at the dock, but these two ladies- the Dark Sisters. They start torturing her and training her to Change (a power she does not know anything about that somehow allows her to become other people) so she may be ready to marry this so called Magister. The Dark Sisters have powers as well and blackmail her into not escaping by telling her they have her brother hostage who she loves dearly. She is rescued by a Will Herondale who is a ShadowHunter. Shadowhunters are half human, half angel beings that are descendants of a long line that live to defend humans by protecting them from demons and anyone in the supernatural world that may pose a threat. There are also Downworlders who are your werewolves, vampires, fairies, and warlocks except they are the real thing. Not your twilight shenanigans. The series has three books: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess.

I highly recommend this book and hope you guys would enjoy it if you do get the chance. Then again this book isn't for everyone so yeah. It contains a mix of fantasy, adventure, action and romance. It will keep you awake at night just thinking and once you reach the last book, you'll be in plain awe as in how such a story could be pulled off and how every single loose end was tied up properly and amazingly. 
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not official Maximum Ride page but just a fan page
This is not the official maximum ride page but a fan based one just for your info. I'm just a person who thinks that James Patterson is one of the most talented authors alive.