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Craig Calcaterra
Baseball blogger, recovering lawyer, notorious man-about-town.
Baseball blogger, recovering lawyer, notorious man-about-town.

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Easiest way to synch G+ with Facebook and ....go!

Also, an observation: the transition to G+ is like going on to junior high school from elementary school. Still making the effort to hang with elementary school contacts (Facebook) but also trying to move on. But it won't be a total move-on either, as I'll still hang with some parts of FB Awkward. Going to take a while to get used to.

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Totally addicted to this song at the moment.

OK, I just messed that up. Damn you G+

Finding myself somewhat confused by G+, but working on it. Let's do a quick test: let me know if you don't get this message.

Mike Trout was born one month and seventeen days before Nirvana's "Nevermind" was released. That is all.

I have no idea if people can tell when you move them in and out of and around various circles. If so, know that I am still fiddling around with this, so if you've been in and out of "friends" a couple of times, it's not a judgment call.

Interesting. I like the interface better than Facebook. I also like that, you know, all the people I want/need to bitch about aren't on here yet. So there's that.
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